Monday, 30 October 2006

fire in the disco-muerto

ten years to save the planet
I'm going to climb all up on my high horsey about this pretty soon, but f'now: I REALLY hope noone still thinks climate change is "just a theory". If you do, you do have friends, them being George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and a bunch of other crackpot right wing mentalists. What on earth can be done?

I've listened to some early debate about this paper, and it's a bit depressing. Perhaps I should be pleased about the issue being "on the table" seriously, for once.
But already it seems the politicians are getting a little "hug me!" about the subject already.
They are not taking the opportunity to tell people how lifestyles might change, and what ones moral obligations might be.
Cause there are some pretty easy ones.
Tony Blair speaks to the world...

"You're going to need to stop wasting energy! But ACTUALLY DO IT! This means, sorry, but when you buy a car, if you have to, morally you're obliged to BUY THE MOST EFFICIENT ONE. So, no fucking BMWs, sports cars, or 4x4s, OK? Why? Because we know we can pollute less by using more efficient cars. It's simple really, and you only want your BMW because you're an insecure shit.

Four Holidays every year? CAN'T YOU AT LEAST TAKE ONE OF THEM IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY? It's a waste to fly around everywhere, and it may be a cheap luxury, but please try and be reasonable - you're needlessly polluting the skies, and don't tell me travel broadens the mind - that's not why you do it, you do it because you can, and you can show off at dinner parties how "well travelled" you are. Education and study broadens the mind, not having a weekend break in Bratislava getting pissed on cheap beer.

Why are you sitting in your living room wearing only your underwear, IN WINTER? What are you? Some kind of cunt? It's winter! Turn the heating down a little, and put on a fucking jumper you ignorant bastards. If you do have to sit around all day in your pants, move to a country where you can do it naturally, without pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

And if "pumping CO2 into the atmosphere" doesn't sound like something to get angry about, I'm afraid it is. You have to start thinking about how you can reduce your carbon "footprint", because it's the right thing to do. Or you can continue without doing anything, which is the moral equivalent of actually murdering cute little babies.

(audience stays silent.)

Saturday, 28 October 2006

curiosity killed my ears

I read Dan Brown for the same reason; curiosity, and the possibility of expressing an informed opinion (he is either a:awful, badly written literature, or b:awfully funny depending on my mood).
I made the mistake of looking/listening to "the black parade", as I've heard sooo much about it. Well, Dan Brown is genius in comparison... I found my feelings shifting from "oh this is painfully embarrassing", to "jesus christ it's changed into a Queen song", followed by, "and now it's pop punk a la Avril Lavigne(?), what the fuck?"
I was expecting an awful gothy depressing, possibly emo(though I don't really know what that sounds like, touch wood I won't have to) song... but this was just weird; I must emphasise also mind numbingly, embarrassingly terrible too.
It's the lies that really hurt; it starts with the sort of pomposity that should herald The Greatest Song Ever, truly an anthem for all humanity... but what it actually heralds is possibly The Worst Song Ever, a corporate vision of teen angst deviod of any real meaning.
So when I read that black wearing pale faced gothy teenagers in England love this stuff, well, I really am getting old, 'cause it makes me think "it weren't like that in my day", and I don't understand at all what the attraction is.

"Son when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the broken,
the beaten and the damned?"
"No, Dad, I'm going to become a plankton like James Bl(c)unt, only more pointless."
"At least you have a dream"

If My Chemical Romance intend to depress people with their music, well I certainly felt like shooting myself for the duration of that song. Perhaps it would have the same effect on U2's Bono - I thoroughly recommend Bono listen to this song repeatedly!

Have you heard My Chemical Romance? Here's the cure!

Friday, 27 October 2006

humans like you 12" mix I read on a poster for the Esquerra party, with a lovely picture of moustache guy shaving (so - I can't be bothered to research- some of my english friends don't even recognise the leader of our opposition(and you know who you are, cha'mone!), so I don't feel TOO bad)...
A Politician... who's human. Nooo! I had no fucking idea.
...wait a minute, actually I think I did know that: but wasn't it POLITICIANS who were supposed to fucking have ideas? Telling me you're human, I'm afraid, doesn't qualify as an idea, even in this stupid age we be living in...
But I'm not having a go at Esquerra, particularly, or Spanish (and Catalan, eek!) politics in general... I'm having a go at it all; our democracies. Because something's missing in them, and I think it's pretty bad.
Politicians are like this: hug me!
They try to make you love them, then just shit on your carpet - or take you into a war you don't want. However, unlike cute puppies, politicians don't learn where to shit, they just keep shitting on your carpet.
There's very little reason to vote to choose between very similar sets of ideas, especially ideas like "I'm going to shit on your carpet". Politicians have very little incentive to really change much; I'm sure they like things the way they are, they just have to keep looking busy, tinkering with little policies and laws and things.
Hardly inspiring stuff... and I wish it wasn't this way. I want inspiring causes and ideas, I don't want to be told what I already think, I want people willing to tell me what's wrong, and what should be done about it - regardless of whether saying the very thing might "offend" me, upset the press, or even threaten to change society.
Surely our system could be better... having a bunch of distant (human! right!), carpet shitting upon, self serving politicians to choose from every few years doesn't seem like much of a democracy to me, just a ghost of what a democracy should be. A ghost that keeps shitting on my carpet.
Certainly in Britain, this won't happen until the money is removed from politics, or the economy is democratised. It is hardly democratic that a rich person or company can influence policy (probably in very conservative ways), and I can't. My vote is not equal to the power of economic players in terms of choosing what a government or party might do.
And there is nothing good about industry and the rich wielding influence in a democracy - it is usually not in their interests to change anything - after all, they're rich, and all they wish to ensure is that they stay that way, and bugger everyone else (probably literally).
A business organisation will be listened to, and have corporation tax lifted, but a million people marching down the street will be ignored. Perhaps if a million people were shitting on the street in protest, that might have more effect.

Saturday, 21 October 2006

sorry, continent of europe

hungover and queueing in the bakery, I was pained by the awful ballad on the radio... horrible whiny voice, odd accent, and ridiculously poor rhyming couplets.
I don't remember the exact lyrics, but their rhythm was as follows
"I have a cat
but not a bat
I want a rat
I am a mat"... and so on ad nausea(sic)

The sort of lyrics a 5 year old would blush at having written, basically

And the bad side of me was thinking "hohoho, another terrible Euro-pop ballad sung in basic English; why do they do this blah blah blah..."
And then the chorus started, and I had to start feeling guilty: The song was the beautiful thing by James Bl(c)unt. I guess I'd never heard the verses before, though like any rational person I immediately want to start snapping bunny rabbits' heads off whenever I hear it.
So I have to apologise for mistaking this sack of shit song for something written by a continental European. Sorry... and sorry on behalf of England for this Bl(c)unt too.

On the strength of his lyrics, it doesn't suprise me that Mr Bl(c)unt was in the army.. he's obviously army material, ie: thick. And in Britain I believe we're supposed to support our armed forces for "doing their job in difficult circumstances", but when that difficult job includes bombing innocent people personally I say fuck supporting "our troops", unless they start conscientiously objecting to fucking over other peoples' lives and countries.

Monday, 16 October 2006

gay badness

I'm pissed off, as my government, that being the UK government, is holding back on introducing gay rights laws in Britain... what worries me most about this is the apparent reason is pressure from religious groups who want exemption from these laws.

So, it would be illegal to discriminate against someone on the grounds of sexuality, unless you had a faith based reason, for example you were a Catholic School.

This is a nonsense. It's ridiculous.

While everyone is free to believe what they wish, this freedom does not extend to the harming of others.

The postmodernist position that "there are many truths" is a good soundbite, but I can't accept it. There ARE some truths, and it's pathetic that a government or society should bend the rules for people who get offended by them.

Religious groups might be 'offended' by homosexuality, but to give this offence legal protection would HARM homosexual people. I have to admit, I wouldn't be comfortable with watching two (or more, let's party!) gay men having sex in my living room, but then I'd feel the same about a straight couple having sex in my living room - I'd feel uncomfortable!

But as no normal couple straight or gay, would go and have sex in someone's face, I can't see it ever being a problem.

I don't go to church: perhaps gay couples are running into church services and fucking in the aisles - I don't know - but I've never heard it's much of a problem. Surely what people do 'behind closed doors', as long as it's consensual and doesn't involve listening to U2, is nobody elses' business, and should not offend anyone.

Being 'offended' by something's not even that bad.. aren't we adults??!? I can cope with being offended... and if I banned all the people that offended me, well, on a bad day that would mean banning most people. So I feel that allowing one group of people to discriminate in a society sets a bad precedent; as if this right ever got as far as me, people would be banned just for reading about Kate Moss, which occasionally might even mean banning myself.

It's a slippery slope.... and Britain's sliding down it 'cause Tony Blair's rubbish and Ruth Kelly is a mentalist.