Saturday, 28 October 2006

curiosity killed my ears

I read Dan Brown for the same reason; curiosity, and the possibility of expressing an informed opinion (he is either a:awful, badly written literature, or b:awfully funny depending on my mood).
I made the mistake of looking/listening to "the black parade", as I've heard sooo much about it. Well, Dan Brown is genius in comparison... I found my feelings shifting from "oh this is painfully embarrassing", to "jesus christ it's changed into a Queen song", followed by, "and now it's pop punk a la Avril Lavigne(?), what the fuck?"
I was expecting an awful gothy depressing, possibly emo(though I don't really know what that sounds like, touch wood I won't have to) song... but this was just weird; I must emphasise also mind numbingly, embarrassingly terrible too.
It's the lies that really hurt; it starts with the sort of pomposity that should herald The Greatest Song Ever, truly an anthem for all humanity... but what it actually heralds is possibly The Worst Song Ever, a corporate vision of teen angst deviod of any real meaning.
So when I read that black wearing pale faced gothy teenagers in England love this stuff, well, I really am getting old, 'cause it makes me think "it weren't like that in my day", and I don't understand at all what the attraction is.

"Son when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the broken,
the beaten and the damned?"
"No, Dad, I'm going to become a plankton like James Bl(c)unt, only more pointless."
"At least you have a dream"

If My Chemical Romance intend to depress people with their music, well I certainly felt like shooting myself for the duration of that song. Perhaps it would have the same effect on U2's Bono - I thoroughly recommend Bono listen to this song repeatedly!

Have you heard My Chemical Romance? Here's the cure!

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