Monday, 16 October 2006

gay badness

I'm pissed off, as my government, that being the UK government, is holding back on introducing gay rights laws in Britain... what worries me most about this is the apparent reason is pressure from religious groups who want exemption from these laws.

So, it would be illegal to discriminate against someone on the grounds of sexuality, unless you had a faith based reason, for example you were a Catholic School.

This is a nonsense. It's ridiculous.

While everyone is free to believe what they wish, this freedom does not extend to the harming of others.

The postmodernist position that "there are many truths" is a good soundbite, but I can't accept it. There ARE some truths, and it's pathetic that a government or society should bend the rules for people who get offended by them.

Religious groups might be 'offended' by homosexuality, but to give this offence legal protection would HARM homosexual people. I have to admit, I wouldn't be comfortable with watching two (or more, let's party!) gay men having sex in my living room, but then I'd feel the same about a straight couple having sex in my living room - I'd feel uncomfortable!

But as no normal couple straight or gay, would go and have sex in someone's face, I can't see it ever being a problem.

I don't go to church: perhaps gay couples are running into church services and fucking in the aisles - I don't know - but I've never heard it's much of a problem. Surely what people do 'behind closed doors', as long as it's consensual and doesn't involve listening to U2, is nobody elses' business, and should not offend anyone.

Being 'offended' by something's not even that bad.. aren't we adults??!? I can cope with being offended... and if I banned all the people that offended me, well, on a bad day that would mean banning most people. So I feel that allowing one group of people to discriminate in a society sets a bad precedent; as if this right ever got as far as me, people would be banned just for reading about Kate Moss, which occasionally might even mean banning myself.

It's a slippery slope.... and Britain's sliding down it 'cause Tony Blair's rubbish and Ruth Kelly is a mentalist.

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