Friday, 27 October 2006

humans like you 12" mix I read on a poster for the Esquerra party, with a lovely picture of moustache guy shaving (so - I can't be bothered to research- some of my english friends don't even recognise the leader of our opposition(and you know who you are, cha'mone!), so I don't feel TOO bad)...
A Politician... who's human. Nooo! I had no fucking idea.
...wait a minute, actually I think I did know that: but wasn't it POLITICIANS who were supposed to fucking have ideas? Telling me you're human, I'm afraid, doesn't qualify as an idea, even in this stupid age we be living in...
But I'm not having a go at Esquerra, particularly, or Spanish (and Catalan, eek!) politics in general... I'm having a go at it all; our democracies. Because something's missing in them, and I think it's pretty bad.
Politicians are like this: hug me!
They try to make you love them, then just shit on your carpet - or take you into a war you don't want. However, unlike cute puppies, politicians don't learn where to shit, they just keep shitting on your carpet.
There's very little reason to vote to choose between very similar sets of ideas, especially ideas like "I'm going to shit on your carpet". Politicians have very little incentive to really change much; I'm sure they like things the way they are, they just have to keep looking busy, tinkering with little policies and laws and things.
Hardly inspiring stuff... and I wish it wasn't this way. I want inspiring causes and ideas, I don't want to be told what I already think, I want people willing to tell me what's wrong, and what should be done about it - regardless of whether saying the very thing might "offend" me, upset the press, or even threaten to change society.
Surely our system could be better... having a bunch of distant (human! right!), carpet shitting upon, self serving politicians to choose from every few years doesn't seem like much of a democracy to me, just a ghost of what a democracy should be. A ghost that keeps shitting on my carpet.
Certainly in Britain, this won't happen until the money is removed from politics, or the economy is democratised. It is hardly democratic that a rich person or company can influence policy (probably in very conservative ways), and I can't. My vote is not equal to the power of economic players in terms of choosing what a government or party might do.
And there is nothing good about industry and the rich wielding influence in a democracy - it is usually not in their interests to change anything - after all, they're rich, and all they wish to ensure is that they stay that way, and bugger everyone else (probably literally).
A business organisation will be listened to, and have corporation tax lifted, but a million people marching down the street will be ignored. Perhaps if a million people were shitting on the street in protest, that might have more effect.

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