Saturday, 21 October 2006

sorry, continent of europe

hungover and queueing in the bakery, I was pained by the awful ballad on the radio... horrible whiny voice, odd accent, and ridiculously poor rhyming couplets.
I don't remember the exact lyrics, but their rhythm was as follows
"I have a cat
but not a bat
I want a rat
I am a mat"... and so on ad nausea(sic)

The sort of lyrics a 5 year old would blush at having written, basically

And the bad side of me was thinking "hohoho, another terrible Euro-pop ballad sung in basic English; why do they do this blah blah blah..."
And then the chorus started, and I had to start feeling guilty: The song was the beautiful thing by James Bl(c)unt. I guess I'd never heard the verses before, though like any rational person I immediately want to start snapping bunny rabbits' heads off whenever I hear it.
So I have to apologise for mistaking this sack of shit song for something written by a continental European. Sorry... and sorry on behalf of England for this Bl(c)unt too.

On the strength of his lyrics, it doesn't suprise me that Mr Bl(c)unt was in the army.. he's obviously army material, ie: thick. And in Britain I believe we're supposed to support our armed forces for "doing their job in difficult circumstances", but when that difficult job includes bombing innocent people personally I say fuck supporting "our troops", unless they start conscientiously objecting to fucking over other peoples' lives and countries.

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