Wednesday, 29 November 2006

20 seconds to persecute

stop persecuting polygamists
... you don't have to be bothered to actually read the above article. I did. Twice.
'Cause SURELY it's a joke, it HAS to be, I thought.
But no, this guy's serious, and embarrassingly shares his first name with me. What a bitch.
Maybe it shouldn't be illegal, I dunno, you choose your own poison I suppose. Not knowing any polygamists, I'm not sure what it's like.
One sixteenth of a marriage is better than no marriage at all? Fuck me, I'd have to be really depressed/mental to think that.
I am sure that everyone I've ever met would be more than a little upset at not being their girl/boyfriend/husband/wife's exclusive partner, though. It would upset me a lot.
Why is polygamy always "man with many wives", anyway? Why not the other way round? In fact, why not just mix it all up together? You could have, say, 6 women and 7 men (*numbers picked at random) all married to eachother, in a big marriage pie. Has that ever happened?
No, of course not... because polygamy is all about the patriarchal group, which is a backward way of living, I'm afraid. So, on balance, now I've thought about it... We SHOULD persecute polygamists! They, particularly the men, deserve it! But not in a murdering way, more in a stupid way. As I've said before, I think having society laughing at you is good enough for a lot of things. So I am absolutely not saying polygamists should treated like witches in the 16th (16th?) century or anything..

Jesus, I can´t stop... I almost choked when I read this:
..."It is also a fact that polygamy is a practice that crosses all of the major religions. Shared religious icons like Abraham (a figure of reverence for Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike) engaged in this practice, and would be viewed today as habitual felons. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and Mohammed had 10 wives." Heheheheh.
Is that supposed to be good? I´m SO glad that major world religions promote such behaviour, that´s SO wonderful!
What the fuck?!


Sunni Kay said...

I am not so sure that picking on people or pointing out aspects for society to laugh at is the best way to approach anything. I feel this way for two reasons. One, public ridicule only works if the person being ridiculed gives a crap, which is not often the case as being in the lime light only gives them the popularity they strive for. Second, ridiculing anyone shows personal insecurity and a lack of education and/or intelligence. after all, if you can't derail a person's beliefs or practices with proof and common decency while they remain calm cool and collected than the only thing accomplished is making yourself look like an ass. Just some thoughts on how a situation should be handled. I do agree that polygamy serves no purpose in society, and simply, just shouldn't be.

discoriggall said...

well, I'm British, and I reckon we ridicule everything... or at least I do, so I guess I'm stupid.

Sunni Kay said...

I have been seeing a British man for years. He is nothing like that. Neither is his family. Maybe he got lucky.

discoriggall said...

look. it's not meant all to be taken seriously... it's spleen venting, not reasoned arguement. I've seen some genuinely offensive blogs before, written by people who seem to hate everything that exists outside their conservative lives. When I'm writing, sometimes I'm being silly, like today, and sometimes I'm being serious (read my blog called "gay badness" to see how much I dislike prejudice).
I find the world today is filling up with groups who need protection from everything, even "offence". If you choose a certain lifestyle, I think it can be fairly made fun of - this doesn't extend to things like race or sexuality, as people can't choose these things. But you choose to believe in something, choose your politics, and to an extent choose how fit/fat you are. You are right that I'm cruel about fat people, and I shouldn't be. But I will never stop being rude about religion, politicians, conservatism, spiritualists, and other nutters who believe in nonsense.

Sunni Kay said...

I will say that I continue to read your blogs because you have an opinion where most mutter through life just agreeing with what everyone else says. I think you do deserve some credit for that, and I will give you every bit you deserve in that respect.

I just hate to see people pass up over potentially wonderful people because they can't get past the superficial. I am not suggesting you marry them or even take them out to dinner. You might be surprised what you find if you had a conversation with them though.

In regards to politics, and religion, as long as you can listen with a relatively open mind you are doing better than most of the population.

I will try to stay quiet now. Promise.