Thursday, 30 November 2006

el mundo de bono

"Thursday November 30, 2006
The Guardian

Bono has praise, and sunglasses, for new PM
New prime minister Shinzo Abe yesterday received praise from Bono, the U2 lead singer and an anti-poverty campaigner. After meeting the premier, Bono, who is in Japan on tour, said the world did not understand Japan had led the world in helping the poor, singling out its pivotal role in starting a global fund to fight Aids, TB and malaria. Although Japan is dragging its heels on goals agreed at the G8 summit, Bono said Tokyo would make good on its promises. He also said Mr Abe's image as a dour, quiet man was wrong. He then presented Mr Abe with a pair of sunglasses."

The world doesn´t understand, Bono? What the fuck do YOU know? You don´t seem to understand that you look like a dick, so how would you know what "the world" knows about Japan?
Bono has spoken for all Africans before, and he sounded ´just a little´ arrogant then.. now he´s speaking on behalf of the whole world. He´s a tool.
And giving a guy a pair of sunglasses? You utter bastard, why d´├Żou want the Japanese PM to look like a dick? What did he do to you?

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