Tuesday, 7 November 2006

my definitions of a

1: I might think my government's shit, and think the political system is stagnant, offering me little choice when I vote.... but if someone offered to help me get rid if it, by by boming my cities and infrastrucure, and quite possibly killing some of my family, friends, even me: I'd tell them;
"fuck off.. how about you let us sort out our own shit, without the killing and destruction, mmkay? And why don't you stop being such a complete cunt while you're at it?"
I reckon my reaction's pretty 'rational', and the conclusions that should be drawn for international politics pretty simple. Shame some leaders ARE pretty simple, I guess.

2: Punch Bono, if you ever have the chance.

3: So there's a god, is there? As Geoff Boycott, that tower of common sense, would say;
"Do you think I went out to bat for England believing in things that didn't exist? Of course not. I bloody well didn't. Come on: Wise up."
I'm afraid, girls and boys, that the burden of proof is with the believers in this case. When there is no evidence for something, or I see none, then it is not up to ME to prove that something doesn't exist. It's up to the ones who say it does.
"Well, aren't there strange things in the world, that you can't explain?" Of COURSE there are! I'm not a god! Just 'cause I can't explain it, or the greatest human minds can't yet, doesn't mean "ooh, that's wierd, so there must be a god, then". Jeeez.

4: Punch Paris Hilton too. Preferably on her expensive nose.

5: I don't care who you are or what you think, what groups you belong to, what colour your skin is, what age, sex height or weight you are... you can't expect protection from criticism, or if need be, ridicule. I'm not saying it should be cruel, you fat old christian bastard, that's not reasonable, and anyone can complain about being insulted. But being insulted is not the same as being joked about, and even if one is insulted, you should try and take it like an adult, not a 5 year old child. Oh, and you CERTAINLY shouldn't threaten to kill people you think are insulting you! Isn't that overreacting a LITTLE?!

6. Try to learn from your mistakes, or like me, repeat them until it's too late for your learning to mean anything... but try anyway.

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