Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Perfume: no ideas

A Long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I read a book called Catch 22. I loved it, and it's remained one of my favourite books ever since. Some time after I read it, I was looking at a TV guide, and saw that a film of the book was on that week.
"Not interested", I thought, "don't want to ruin my own imagination about this book."
So I didn't watch it. However, I couldn't help seeing the little picture next to the review. It was of the main character, Yossarian, and now this image has replaced in my brain the one I had when I originally read the book. That's why I didn't want to watch someone else's imagined version of this book I loved, cause images leave a strong impression, and they would replace my own.
So I noticed that there's now a film of "Perfume". Great. I read this a few years ago, and it's a bit 'over the top' for me, but I liked it a lot, and found it a very visual and vivid read. Certainly I won't forget it. I think anyone who read it would feel similarly.
As it is such a vivid book, why make the film? Why not, I dunno.... just fuck off and get your own ideas? And don't think just because it's European Cinema that makes it any better than Hollywood; I don't see that's likely.
Is it a good film? It doesn't matter; I know it won't be an improvement on the book, so for me it's pointless.
I love cinema, but it's best when it's being cinema, not pretending it can be literature too.
Millions of the middle classes will no doubt go off and find it a "wonderful film" and discuss it over dinner parties....

I won't see it unless they re-shoot it with Schwarzenegger in the lead role.

lovely piece of rich-bashing frooooom ???? the guardian, surprise surprise...http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/story/0,,1958540,00.html"

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