Friday, 24 November 2006

like patrick swayze

So; ghosts, ghosts, ghosts... what can you do with 'em? Floating about all the time, proper fucking you about all the time. It's a right bastard, in fact it's amazing life goes on at all, what with all these ghosts everywhere, doing wierd shit.
I don't get it... when people tell me about ghost stories, I just don't know where to start.
I can't deny that people have these experiences; they seem genuine enough. The idea that adults would make this shit up is too worrying to believe (that would make a lot of people cunts).

a scene from real life.
So I can't deny it, it's just I know that these things happened in the mind, not in the world. I won't have ghost experiences, cause my mind's not built that way. A few years ago I was walking up a lane alone to my Granma's house, no street lights, woods on one side, black silhouette of an old church on the other, only the odd rustling sounds, gusts of wind and owl hoots to accompany me. I was scared, in a totally childish way. It was spooky, and my mind started to imagine what was in the darkness, making the noises.
But then the rational control in my head took over, and while I did feel scared, my imagination was reigned in, the possible vampires disappeared, and I hurried on to the house.
When I've taken acid (not for many years I'm afraid), I've never had "visuals", for the same reason. However wasted I was, that little bit of my brain kept things real, I guess. It was fun, though... and I must add, there's only one drug that turns that little rational guy in my head off: alcohol. Not saying it's bad - I love it - just making the point.
I digress. The point of this story is that I reckon other people, in the same situation, don't have the little rational guy in their head keeping control, and their imagination runs rampant. They see ghosts, feel wierd things. Humans being similar to one another, sometimes they react in the same way to the same situations, and "see" the same things.
So it happens to them, but they find it easier to explain it with something exterior to them, "the spirit world", which is a pretty wacky idea, I think, rather than admitting the power of their mind, and the idea that perhaps we're not entirely in control of it (me too, as I said, I get scared).
So for those of us who don't see ghosts, it's not because we're not sensitive, or don't have soul or anything, it's because our brains react differently to stimuli.
Chances of a believer agreeing with me? Abso-fucking-lutely zero. I'll have to wait till I die, and, as I'm certainly not going to heaven, I can visit these people and explain to them, s-l-o-w-l-y, how I don't exist.

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