Saturday, 4 November 2006

stick your aspirations

Gordon Brown, probably the replacement for Shitface Blair next year says...

'...I like TV programmes like X Factor, Dragons' Den and The Apprentice. They show the value of aspiration, how anyone can achieve things.' It is that sense of empowering people to succeed, he said, that would be at the core of his political message.

WTF? What's the deal with aspiration anyway? I hate this idea that we must all be "aspirational"... I don't have aspirations, and I don't see why I should. I hope I leave the world in no worse state than I entered it, but otherwise I'd like to live a pretty quiet life. Sorry, Gordon, but we don't all want to rule the world, or buy more stuff.

"Most of us are not only not special, but too often do not have the opportunity or the inclination to become special," said a very bright man... In fact, programmes like xfactor (equvalent of pop-idol I believe), and dragons' den prove this too be true, and worse. For a start, we can see that most people who enter these shows are certainly not special, just shit, and furthermore: If you create an environment where everyone is expected to perform and compete to show their talent, the result is that only those "who are most enthusiastic about standing on the faces of everyone else" succeed.
I don't want to win - I want to do my best, sure (sometimes) - but for me it's not a competition, and quite frankly, if someone wants to make it a competition, they can take it. I'm not that bothered (caveat - don't bother competing with me, I'm the best and you will lose).
The other problem with an aspirational society, is it's too individual. "ME ME ME, I am most important". It encourages the idea that "we have what we deserve, and fuck everyone else - so god forbid we criticise the rich, because they DESERVE those riches. They earned them! Now fuck off before I set the dogs on you, common scum." The poor, of course, deserve that too, the lazy workshy lot that they are...
A horrible idea.
In a competitive society, only those who really want to win do so - and fortunately for humanity, most people don't want to win so badly. This is because the people who want to win so badly, who crave success and admiration... are... fuckers.
Self-centered, arrogant, shallow, untrustworthy, egotistical slimy slick flash bastards, whose only interest in other people is how much they can profit from them. These are not the sort of people we should champion or admire, they are the type of people we should throw pies at, and ridicule.

What happened to working together, doing things for others... etc? There's much more to happiness than material goods, and beating other people; yet these other things take a back seat in a world where to be Number One is the goal, which allows that person to fulfill the aspiration to buy lots of expensive things.
What a pathetic state of affairs. Every day, more and more, I feel myself detaching from the endless shoppers, status symbols... sometimes it seems life is evermore an exercise in the commercial... the market makes the world go round, buy this buy that. What is it all for? Really? What does a new dress from Zara mean? Does a Plasma screen TV make me a better person?
Outside, the world has real problems, that buying things won't solve, that the "me first" aspirational ideal person won't solve, 'cause it doesn't help them. People should be encourage to read some philosophy, do some painting, make a space in life where the market has no influence.. and expand it. Allowing people the space to think and create freely, without it being sposored by fucking Vodafone, would improve the world immeasurably, I am sure.
A next generation mobile phone means nothing, except when flaunted, and then it means the owner is an "aspirational" dick head, and we can laught at them, and throw pies at them.
I've entirely forgotten what I set out to say, so I'll stop.

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