Friday, 22 December 2006

Losers! Crap attempt!

She´s well qualified in International Relations, as she´s a concert pianist (as someone else wrote once). So Ms Rice has reassured the world, and Americuh that the "investment" in Iraq has been "worth it". The doubters will understand this when "(Iraq) emerges as a country that is a stabilising factor, you will have a very different kind of Middle East."
I have to point out that the investment she´s talking about includes the "investment" of having American and Iraqi people killed.
...aaanyway, how is Iraq going to become a beacon of stability?
What with the much talked about "change of direction" in US policy, and James Baker´s Iraq report, I was interested to know what new solutions we´d be looking at...
It´s a revolution.
The solution?
20,000 more soldiers.

That´s it.

Oh, and the Pentagon needs an extra $100 billion (for both Iraq and "Afganistan", wherever that is).
So throw soldiers and money at it...

I´m hearing alot of scepticism, and criticism, of these simple ideas, but, you know, you have to TRUST the people in charge!
Noone would spend $100 billion unless they were sure it was worth it!
Would you? You´s have to be a complete idiot to waste that kind of money!
You think more soldiers, in a country where their very presence causes tension and violence, will make the situation worse?
It won´t!
So that´s it then, no need to worry at all, everything will be just fine.

I was going to do some research on what you could do with $100 billion, instead of using it for war, but to be honest I couldn´t be bothered.

I´m sure you could buy lots of, lets say, flowers, socks, chocolate, sellotape and olive oil. All good things. You could buy at least 3 of these.

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