Saturday, 30 December 2006


- "President George W Bush hailed the execution as "an important milestone" on the road to building an Iraqi democracy" CUNT

- "The British government does not support the use of the death penalty, in Iraq or anywhere else. We advocate an end to the death penalty worldwide, regardless of the individual or the crime.

"We have made our position very clear to the Iraqi authorities, but we respect their decision as that of a sovereign nation." CUNTS

- "France, which like the rest of its European partners advocates the universal abolition of capital punishment, notes the execution of Saddam Hussein on Saturday."

"That decision was made by the people and the sovereign authorities of Iraq." MERDE

We should make our position on the death penalty a little clearer:
It Is Wrong To Kill People.
End. Of. Story.
I don't care what he did.

Europe says this, but 'respects the decision of a sovereign country'.

Fuck me.

One; lets see how 'sovereign' the Iraqi government is without UK/US military support, and two; from Britain's point of view, we didn't exactly respect the decisions of this sovereign country when Saddam was it's leader. We don't respect the sovereign decisions of Iran either.

So, Saddam was a very bad person, possibly the worst sort. But if you celebrate his execution: YOU ARE A CUNT.

happy bastard new year.

I look over history, and too many times the response to killing has been more killing. It's a viscious circle.
There was this old idea of "an eye for an eye", but it's an old and barbaric idea. In fact even Christianity was supposed to have dropped that one - listen to me, American Christians - what Jesus said was not an addition to the Old Testament, it was a replacement. So if you will insist on following the bible, at least have the good grace to use the most up to date. The only thing I really respect in Christianity was the supposed unequivocal message of peace. And that's also why I have little respect for Religions as organisations - because they ignore their own fucking instructions, and go around killing and hating people. Tossers.
It's not always religion, either.
One current excuse for killing people is "democracy and freedom".
It's a SHIT excuse.
Killing is a part of neither idea, and I will say it again: You are a stupid fucking shit if you believe in killing people to create a better world. Only an ignorant, short-sighted, vindictive, viscious, inhumane bullshit excuse for a person would believe that.
But, I would never advocate killing such a person, as it would turn me into one.


Anonymous said...

Fully, fully, fully agree. His execution aside, the telivised stuff was horrible. The film that went until "seconds before he died". The "cameras phone" stuff that went a bit further, with sound. Do we need to to know? Are we waiting to put down our knitting and look up to see the "action"? No. We certainly do fucking not. Saddam has been hanged, which is f*cking horrible, whatver your religion or belief.

I am not saying that Saddam "deserved" anything, but celebrating death is never good. Never.

I heard the story of his hanging coming on the news and I unfortunately left the room. Call it weak if you want, but I don't want the details of a man's death, whoever he is.

SGT DUB said...

May I asked what the solution is to people like Saddam, Hitler, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda? I will support any legitimate solution you can present to stop hatred and the killing of the innocent.

discoriggall said...

"Violence begets more violence".
Whatever the solution may be, killing is not it.
Killing is an easy, but self defeating ´solution´; you want to believe it´s the "right thing to do", knock yourself out.
If you want to see how killing terrosists is a good "solution"; look at Israel - they´ve been doing it for a generation, and guess what? The problem is getting worse.
You show absolutely no understanding of humans, if you can´t understand what makes a terrorist. It does not condone to try and understand, but give you a starting point to stopping the "hatred". More murder won´t help.

discoriggall said...

Quick addition, for a solution, and it´s been suggested by lots of people.
Sort out Palestine.
That means being adult, respecting democratic outcomes, and understanding the problems.
I am nearly 30; were I this age and had I grown up in ´Palestine´ I would be vehemently anti-Israel and America too. How would you react to growing up in a poor, oppressed, threatened environment? Would you respond by having a big party, and inviting your oppressors round for jelly and icecream?
When terrorism is ´solved´ by collective punishment, you breed hatred:
If you think Israeli treatment of Palestinians is anything other than collective punishment, you must be wearing blinkers. How can children be punished for the sins of their parents? How do you expect those children to react?
The Israel/Palestine problem needs to be solved - it should be solved with open, UN administered peacetalks, and a settlement should be underwritten by UN soldiers. Not Israeli soldiers.
While Israel still thinks it reasonable to attack suspected terrorists with helicopter gunships, and who cares who else gets killed along the way, we won´t get anywhere.

And, sgt dub, I´m afraid it is disingenuous to include Hitler alongside Saddam and those other groups. They are not the same thing. Hitler was a very powerful and aggressive dictator, Saddam had been neutered and was no threat, certainly not outside his region. Which, I might add, is not ´our´region.
Also, Al-Qaeda does not bear comparison to the other two groups, as it is an ill defined and global catch all, more of an idea, than an organisation. Hezbollah and Hamas are national in spread and in aims - both will either change irrevocably, or see their support disintegrate, with the solving of the Palestinian problem.
But that´s if we take a subtle, and clever look at the world. We could take a conservative look at the world, and see it simply as one of "good versus evil" "lets have a big war to sort it out". But we´re not all complete fucking morons, are we?

Anonymous said...

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