Thursday, 14 December 2006

disco cooking (or fuck realpolitik)

"Anyway, my final point is it is a lot easier to complain about how someone else does it than it is to actually fix the problem at hand. If you can't bring anything constructive to the conversation than maybe you should spend your energies thinking about what would be constructive as opposed to wasting all of them complaining and accusing others of being morally corrupt. Just a thought."

Here's one.. instead of complaining about these countries pursuing Nuclear Weapons, and threatening them with sanctions, or even war... Why don't we do something positive? It's easy... come on! Let's go into the disco kitchen!

Discoriggall's recipe for increasing world peace:

Step one: Begin a real process of decomissioning your own nuclear arsenal, thus removing a rational for other countries who feel threatened by you, or just want to join the club, to want such weapons.

Step two: You've finished! That was easy!

But for dessert, here's a really sweet dish that always impresses guests at my dinner parties.

Step one: All the money you're not spending on nuclear missiles... even for a tiny little place like Britain, that's 26 BILLION POUNDS... and spend it on feeding and clothing the poor, supplying clean drinking water and education for all.

Step two: feel good about yourself - you've just stopped millions of children dying, and terrorists hating you!

Now wouldn't THAT be better than keeping the means to destroy people completely? (point for the "realists" out there, you still have the means to destroy people almost completely, remember, just not the nuclear option)

Someone will say I'm being idealist... there must've been a time when if I suggested we'd have the ability to blow the globe into little pieces, you'd've called me crazy. And you'd be right. It is crazy, what we are doing, or allowing to happen, when it's so simple to do things a whole lot better.

And tastier.


Sunni Kay said...

Please tell me I don't have to try and explain why that just isn't as easy as you made it sound? You do know that right? Please reassure me that you are not a complete and total moron. Please?

As for the terrorists, I could care less if they stopped hating us. They are terrorists. They don't deserve the respect it would take me to care who they liked and didn't like. Besides, they would just move on to terrorizing something else.

discoriggall said...

yeah, I'm not a complete moron - I do realise it's extremely difficult to stop a military-industrial complex that's worth billions of dollars. There's a lot of power and interest there, and furthering world peace doesn't make money. Unless you pretend to be making peace, by blowing the crap out of other countries.
And, while we're hoping each of us are not complete 'things': You're not completely amoral are you?
You DO AGREE that nuclear weapons are wrong, yeah?
You DO AGREE the world would be better without them, yes?
Do you think, to make the world safer, it would be good if the most powerful nations started to act in good faith?
Or, do you say such nations should be armed to the teeth until such time as all other countries just give up?
Please give me some indication of how our countries can make the world better, using positive means - by which I mean non-threatening, scaring or violent means.

Sunni Kay said...

I think that I am not about to suggest that we give up our weapons before the other countries do. That would be suicidal. The other countries probably feel that way too. Who could blame them?

I think that it would be great to be able to make the world a better place with the use of non-violent means. I don't think there would be a single SANE person out there who wouldn't like that idea. Unfortunately, Utopia doesn't exist, and not everyone is sane, and the rest of us are left to look after ourselves, and protect ourselves the best we can. Hence wars and the like.

If I had any indication on how to fix it I would be the next noble peace prize winner. Trust me I think about these things, as no one likes war, least of all me. I do feel that because the world is not inhabited by sane people as a whole that sometimes war is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Sunni - "I think that I am not about to suggest that we give up our weapons before the other countries do. That would be suicidal"
You are, in fact, a "complete and total moron" (in your own words).

If the US gave up their nuclear weapons, what would happen? Would anyone invade? No. Would anyone suddenly decide to fire a couple of nukes at the US? No chance. All that would happen is that the world might begin to hate the US a little less. A little, because there are plenty of reasons left.