Friday, 8 December 2006

Integrate or Die!

essential values?

Another reason to think Tony Blair's a nob.

Radical Islamic terrorists aren't radical Islamic terrorists because they're not integrated - it's because they're fucked up psychotics. If they drank tea and played cricket - they'd still be psychos.

What about the BNP (English rascist party)? They should fucking integrate too. And the super rich - they barely take part in society, and don't tolerate being taxed much. Fucking integrate you bastards!

If tolerance is one of our essential values - everyone who reads the Daily Mail or the Sun, or the Daily Telegraph: Pack your bags, and fack orff! Bunch of white conservative intolerant wankers!

If you think Al-Qaida is an intolerant organisation, please read the Daily Mail, and tell me it's not stuffed so full of hatred, paranoia and bile it makes you want to kill. It's a bible of illogical, intolerant bullshit. And it would tell you it's very British.

Government can't go around telling society what it's values are - we have some things in common, most of us (for example most people think Tony Blair's a dick), but there's also a lot of divergance. Not just on religious grounds, either. I have as little in common with a terrorist as I do with Tony Blair.

He says everyone should have respect for Britain, if they live there. Well I am British, and I have very little respect for it. Why should I? I don't give a crap about being British. I can't be proud of something I had no part of - and I just happened to be born there. Not my fault, being born, and nothing should be expected from me.

If Tony Blair wants people to have respect for Britain, perhaps he could start off by having some respect for people - not just ignoring them, or believing he knows better than them. He says the July 7th bombings brought multiculturism into sharp relief. Because he's a cunt. If he'd had repsect for British people, he would've stayed out of Iraq, and there would've been fewer reasons for a bunch of psychos to think they were justified in killing innocent people.

But no, it had nothing to do with Iraq, the government assures us, it's because "the muslims" aren't integrating properly. This kind of reasoning is idiotic, how anyone could believe it is beyond me.

So in conclusion; telling people to integrate's just going to piss people off more, and make them feel more victimised than they already do. And Tony Blair should resign as soon as possible, before he destroys us all.

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