Monday, 4 December 2006

a reply, and tired "I give up".

look. it's not meant all to be taken seriously... it's spleen venting, not reasoned arguement. I've seen some genuinely offensive blogs before, written by people who seem to hate everything that exists outside their conservative lives. When I'm writing, sometimes I'm being silly, like today, and sometimes I'm being serious (read my blog called "gay badness" to see how much I dislike prejudice).
I find the world today is filling up with groups who need protection from everything, even "offence". If you choose a certain lifestyle, I think it can be fairly made fun of - this doesn't extend to things like race or sexuality, as people can't choose these things. But you choose to believe in something, choose your politics, and to an extent choose how fit/fat you are. You are right that I'm cruel about fat people, and I shouldn't be. But I will never stop being rude about religion, politicians, conservatism, spiritualists, and other nutters who believe in nonsense.


Sunni Kay said...

I will say that I continue to read your blogs because you have an opinion where most mutter through life just agreeing with what everyone else says. I think you do deserve some credit for that, and I will give you every bit you deserve in that respect.

I just hate to see people pass up over potentially wonderful people because they can't get past the superficial. I am not suggesting you marry them or even take them out to dinner. You might be surprised what you find if you had a conversation with them though.

In regards to politics, and religion, as long as you can listen with a relatively open mind you are doing better than most of the population.

I will try to stay quiet now. Promise.

StĂșlka said...

Riggall: definetely you are not rude enough.

discoriggall said...

not rude enough? ooh, that's tempting.
and to "sunni kay", comment as much as you like, I don't mind at all, really!