Tuesday, 16 January 2007

freak, not chic

weird people on the train in 2007:
1: A mother with baby in pram. Baby cries a little, and I hear angry shouting.
From an old man halfway down the carrriage. I thought to myself "no, that can't have happened, noone would do that. Strange."
But then I observed every time the baby made a noise (now I was looking, like a nosy old woman) this old man stared at it and started shouting incoherently(or maybe in Spanish, somtimes I get the two things confused) at it!. Apart from the mother, who looked a little embarrassed, noone else seemed to notice.
2: An almost empty train, I had a group of four chairs to myself, and was surrounded by empty groups of chairs.
Nice, I thought.
A young man gets on the train, looks around at all the empty space, and THEN, decides the only place to sit is directly opposite me!
So I moved my legs to let him in (wondering why he'd chose that seat).
I suppose that's not very strange. But once he's sat down, I glanced up from my book, and he was glaring angrily at me! I went straight back to my book, every so often peeking up to see if I was crazy or not; but no. For the entire journey, this little guy just sat and looked at me like I was the one invading HIS space, or something. Unnerving. I was glad, anyway, when he didn't try to murder me. I can cope with a little weirdness, but not murder.

Public Transport, yesterday:

Who would want to travel by car, when you can have so much fun watching other people instead!?
If I had a camera fone, I'd start a collection of haircuts and fat people. The only difficulty I have is occasionally having to stop myself from laughing out loud, and looking mental.

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