Tuesday, 9 January 2007

welcome to 2007!

1:Blair on climate change
what chance of doing anything then, if you can't expect people to change their behaviour?
I hope everyone isn't like TB, or we're all fucked, and annoyingly we'll be fucked before I die.
What is particulary angering about these Tony comments, is that they are badly informed. Of the alternative fuels for
airplanes, some pollute more, and hydrogen would make the size of the plane needed to carry the fuel impractical. I'm not making that up, it's the best science currently available.

So hoping for more efficient air-travel, unless we mean Zeppelins, is like hoping Tony Blair might become less of a complete cunt. It's not going to happen.

Anyway, the message from Optimus Tony Prime, is, "just keep on doing whatever you want, don't feel you 'have to save the planet', because you might get depressed or something."

He said: "Britain is 2% of the world's emissions. We shut down all of Britain's emissions tomorrow - the growth in China will make up the difference within two years."
But that's not a reason to not do something, you cocksucker.
Thousands of children are going to die next year, so why bother saving any this year? They're going to die anyway! It's as if we think, well x% of people get robbed every year, so I might as well rob people too, as it's going to happen regardless.
Definitely, the best plan, when faced with a problem, is to do nothing at all, and bury your head in the sand, hoping it will go away.

...And my favourite, from school "well Tony, if they jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?"

We can only hope his answer would be yes.

2:US attack in Somalia.
A new front on the "war on terror" has been opened, with the customary 'collateral damage'. It's disgusting, and depressing.
Fuck Amerikkka.

3.Tony Blair, in his second intellectually devoid moment of the week says..

"So the crimes that Saddam committed does not excuse the manner of his execution but the manner of his execution does not excuse the crimes.

Noone is saying the manner of his execution excuse anything! That is what Vaclav Havel called "evasive thinking". The crimes and the execution were both awful. Accepting the awfulness of one does not presuppose lessening the awfulness of the other.
Moreover, Tony Blair not actually being an idiot, this is purposefully misleading: He must know that the two awful things are not connected in that way. He makes the connection just as a way of excusing the awful thing he might be implicated in. He seems to be saying we should pick and choose between awful behaviour.
Whatever, he's a dick.


wouter said...

I'm planning on doing some freelance translation work in the near future. In order to do this, I need to set up a small enterprise, as I'd need a VAT number and the like. What has this got to do with your post on TB, you ask? Well, I've decided to incorporate sustainability in my translation microbusiness. It won't save the planet, but it might be a small step in the right direction. So how am I going about this? I've decided to invest in carbon credits, to offset the carbon emissions of my home (and home office). Also, the website I'm setting up for the promotion of my business will be hosted by a green webhosting company, which runs completely on solar energy. And I've decided to open a savings account at a sustainable bank, which invests in local community and ecology projects. And how much will these three tiny initiatives cost me? Well, about 50 euros on a yearly basis. Maybe worthwhile for other small businesses too?

And, oh yeah, fuck TB.

discoriggall said...

Sounds good! It's impressive that you can arrange these things without it being really expensive.
What are carbon credits? Is it like carbon offsetting?
Some of the 'tree planting' companies have slightly dubious logic, but overall it's better than nothing at all!

Wouter said...

Yep, it is carbon offsetting. You can calculate what the yearly carbon emissions are of your home, car, flights,... Then you can offset these emissions by buying carbon credits. The company or ngo where you buy these, will then invest your money in certain projects. What's important is that these projects are additional, so that your money, however little it is, is actually used for either starting up a new project, or for the real growth of an existing project. That's the only way you can be sure that your carbon emissions are actually offset. I think I'm going to offset the carbon emissions of my home at www.climatecare.org. They particularly invest in other projects than tree planting, such as bio- and windenergy. And these projects are implemented in development countries, so there's the additional advantage of them being commmunity development oriented. I think for a medium-sized home the cost of offsetting is about 60 euros. In my case, however, the green webhosting company is actually cheaper than the classic alternatives I first had in mind, so that's where I save some extra money.