Saturday, 6 January 2007

r-type, but in real life

"Jeff Bezos is working to lower the cost of space flight"

..The man who "invented" is going into space tourism. Jolly good.
What the world needs in 2007 is another way for the fabulously rich to fritter away their cash, extravagantly, in the least efficient way possible. What do we want? An end to war, save the environment, U2 to split up...?
None of the above; what we all want is for rich idiots to fly up into space, have a look, and come back down again.

Now, I've seen the video on, and the spaceship looks pretty cool, I admit. And the idea of filling it full of the over-moneyed people of the world, and firing it into space, also attracts me. It's the coming back part I don't feel is necessary.

Perhaps someone could open a kind of "amusement park" next to the launch site, where visitors could pay a nominal fee, and fire bazookas at the spacecraft as it ascends into space. It would be "live action video-gaming".

Or, maybe Mr Bezos could fly the fuckers into space, then remotely open the door, sucking all the passengers out into space.
That would do the world a big favour.
In space, noone can hear you scream; which in this particular case would be a shame, but you can't change the laws of physics.
Still, we could shoot the spacecraft on the way back down, just for fun.

also worth reading is Terry Jones.

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