Friday, 19 January 2007

walk away*

There is some "scandal" about apparent rascism on 'Big Brother' in Britain.
Rascism is bad.... but the in the case of 'BB', it's missing the point.
The point is that the whole programme is just a 'piece of shit', and getting mixed up in arguements about rascism, or voyeurism, is just a distraction from the real criticism everybody should be discussing: That it is an offensive piece of shit. Not racially offensive, just offensive, in general human terms. Soul sapping, mind numbing pointless wank, made by and starring cunts.
So people say you should "switch off Big Brother because it's rascist"... Fuck off. You are watching a programme featuring stupid fat fuckers and preening "shelebrities", and people are suprised when these people say stupid ill-educated stuff? Fuck me.
It's just shit, end of story. The media are taking the piss out of the public with shit like this.
*kinda stolen from bill hicks

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