Friday, 2 February 2007

Arguement is OVER!

IPCC report on climate change

So, if anyone says "well, I'm not sure if it's really happening", or "the scientists are not agreed about this"... Shut the fuck up.
Anyone who argues against human-caused global warming is a serious radical, and possibly a dangerous mentalist too. Such a person, I would hope, would have read all the appropriate studies that indicate climate change, and be able to criticise them scientifically. Then, I might listen to them. But I reckon no such person exists.

Unless they've been offered money by Exxon Mobil to discredit the theory.

This doesn't really change much, mind you... as Tubercular Blair said, you can't expect people to limit their lifestyles. So, we can accept climate change, but still think,
"yeah, I'll take that cheap flight to the bahamas, my 6th holiday this year, because I'm an unmitigated cunt, and I want to kill my grandchildren and millions of Africans."

We're doomed!

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Anonymous said...

buehehehe...i liked the unmitigated cunt bit, mr. cool.