Saturday, 24 February 2007

failure of the individual and the company

Right. I'm not living there, but even from afar, I am affronted by the very existence of Russel Brand.

Look at him! Do you need anymore proof he's a waste of human life?
Worse, he's given me another newspaper problem: In the past, I read the Guardian, and occasionally the more boring Independent. Then, last year, the Independent let Bono edit the paper for a day, as part of his (product)shit, I mean RED, campaign.
So I have boycotted the Independent ever since.
Now I'm trying to decide whether Russel Brand is a big enough cock for me to have to boycott my favourite news source too. Because he now writes for the Guardian. I want to cry. I was going to put a link to his article; but he doesn't deserve one.
However, he does deserve a link to this emarrassingly bad tv show

Also, as a part time video gamer, I am amused y confused by Sony's self destructive PS3 launch. Now the Europe launch will have different hardware, and be less "backward-compatible". I'm not sure how much harder they could try, what with it already costing about 8 million pounds, to make people not buy one. If I wasn't completely addicted to Grand Theft Auto, I wouldn't even consider the PS3, but when the next game in the series is released....

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