Thursday, 15 February 2007

Ha Ha Nuclear Blair

UK government Nuclear report
A judge has said the government process of deciding about the future of energy in Britain, was "seriously flawed".
Incidently, the basis of the complaint is that, 3 years ago, nuclear power was not considered a good idea by the government. Yet by last year they´d changed their minds, and not explained why (publically).
I guess the PM had decided that the nuclear option was best, and a "public consultation" was only a procedure, with the outcome predetermined.
Why would you do this? Why would "the best politician of his generation" decide such an important decision alone?
Because.... BECAUSE, he´s a CUNT!

Nuclear is a shit idea: It´s always overbudget, the waste problems have never been solved, the industry has constantly lied, covered up mistakes and needed huge subsidy from Governments.
It´s wank.

Extra! The has a new comment piece in a "point/counterpoint" style. check it out ...and then search for point/counterpoint, to find some VERY funny articles.

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Regarding waste problems: