Friday, 16 February 2007

more gayness

goddamnit, it's not surprising some people hate America: stupid shit like this just doesn't happen anywhere else:
Ted Haggard - Evangelical, Conservative Christian - was last year discovered to be a crystal meth smoking homosexual. It was a beautiful thing.
BUT, he went into "rehab", and after 21 days, apparently, it has been discovered he "is totally heterosexual". How much sexual contact with a man do you need to become less than totally heterosexual?

Anywhoo, it's the lovely idea a person can and should be cured which amuses me the most. And even better: in AMERICA there are actually courses offered to perform this miracle! Praise the lord!
Searching for a good explanation of this story, I found one: The Christian Post
I am actually scared to read more from this website, in case I explode :)

Also, back in Britain, some idiot thinks it's time for a boss revival.
No, I really think it isn't.
Bruce, actually you were "born to fuck off".

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