Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Oh Jesus; it's Jesus.

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While some lunacy in the world makes me stupidly angry, and mistrustful of everyone I see in the street (for example, the popularity of Mr Brand, below), other kinds of lunacy give me a warm, comforting glow.
James Cameron, director of my favourite ever film, Terminator, has said "It doesn't get bigger than this," referring to his teams discovery of "Jesus's Tomb".
At this point, I have to say - I think the tombs of the Pharoahs were shit loads "bigger", and cooler, too...
But, back to now.
Lunatics, mentalists, - or just cynical film makers out to make some money; throwing around famous names, hints of conspiracy, and the kind of logic which - let's face it - seems to appeal to the general viewers of The Discovery Channel.
The Discovery Channel, the educative place where you can discover how ghosts exist, and how there are alien landing strips in Peru.
The logic that "we have tombs with these names, so it must be Jesus, Mary and etc", is schoolkid stuff. There doesn't seem to be anything in this "discovery", except an "expert" has decided "Mariamene" means Magdalene. Oh really, how fascinating.

A "discovery" usually means we learn something... but with this "discovery", we learn nothing... but there'll no doubt be some public arguement between dim Christians and these piddle headed film-makers about the validity of their claims.

It doesn't matter: if these WERE the tombs of Jesus etc (which looks very unlikely), so what? Does it make the whole Jesus story less or more ridiculous? Can we draw any conclusions about anything useful from any of this?


Don't watch the Discovery Channel.

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StĂșlka said...

And don´t watch Cuarto Milenio either. The stories about invaders coming from the core of the earth and ghosts astrounauts are so scary on hangover sundays...