Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Britney Protesters of the World Unite

Pop-fans around the world have been out on the streets protesting the bald-images of Britney Spears recently printed in European and American tabloid newspapers.
Newspaper editors have been sent death threats, and the freedom of the press has been questioned. Free speech is important - but should we ever print material that offends the millions of Britney fans across the globe?
Britney fans have called the paparazzi photographs "disgusting", and "invasion of privacy", and called on all her supporters to punish those who have made Britney look stupid.

However, the threats of violence were taken seriously by the police, who arrested several of the protesters at this march in London (above). However, Judge Mutton ruled at the hearing in court that while the protesters were clearly in breach of the law - incitement to violence - it was actually rational for people to want to kill tabloid journalists, and so the protesters walked free.

Last night, a spokesperson for Britney Spears said "Britney is willing to call off her violent marauding fans, and save all humanity from world war three, if everyone promises to buy her next album."
George Bush urged the world not to give in to pop-stars, and refused to buy the album - however, critics have pointed out that Britney was musically trained and supported by the CIA during the 1990s. Rumours that U2's Bono has offered to attack Britney in his helicopter gunship have yet to be confirmed, although it is known the United Nations security council have requested his help during other celebrity crises.

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