Tuesday, 13 March 2007


..I have to watch, in small parts, 101 Dalmations, to entertain children (actually, as a reward for doing any work, but...).
I mean the film version, "live action" or whatever.
Disney, it can´t be overstated enough, are a bunch of arse fucking cunts. Even accepting it´s aimed at children, this film is a disgrace to everything.
English story, set in England. All language americanised - they talk about "tailpipe"!!
I know what an exhaust pipe is, but tailpipe just sounds like anus to me.
I could, and might put more examples in as I remember them... but the real killer is an animal.
Quite why, I do not know - I think it´s wrong to mislead children without good reason - but there are "cheeky raccoons" in the film. They don´t exist in England! What´s that all fucking about? AND THEN, the final disgrace for Cruella De'Ville and her goons, is to discover trapped with them in a police van.... a SKUNK. Same problem. Are American marketing departments and test audiences entirely made of tits? Is it not possible for animals to be funny (not that they are in this film) unless they're skunks and raccoons?
I´ll say it again, Disney are cunts, and they should all be butchered, slaughtered or murdered (see below).

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