Friday, 16 March 2007

the one where I don´t use the word c---

Des Browne is a dick. I hope he loses his job; not that it´s likely, as he just says and does what he´s told...
I heard him yesterday, representing the ministry of defence, "justifying" Britain´s nuclear weapons. They have a wonderful way of answering criticism, ministers do.
The journalist put a very eloquent and reasoned arguement to Mr Browne about how nuclear weapons were not necessary. The answer? "The government takes a different position on this..."
But they don´t address the arguement, or propose counter arguements... they just say "we don´t agree with that".

It´s shit, is what it is.

The arguements in favour are that "other dangerous countries want nukes", and that the world is unpredictable.
Bill Hicks made a nice point about Western leaders who say,
"We still live in a dangerous world"
"...because of you, you fucker! We´re arming the fucking world! We keep arming these little countries, then we have to go blow the shit outta them..."

The world is much more dangerous because countries:
- are sold high tech weaponry by the West.
- feel they have to have nuclear weapons to "compete".
- are bombed and threatened by the nuclear powers.

Countries without nuclear weapons seem pretty good to me, and they are also often the ones who don´t have have image problems. So; everyone hates the US government, the UK is a US pet, and France is just ridiculously arrogant: Nukes.

Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Japan, Canada (I think), etc etc... they seem to survive without the means to kill everyone, and they aren´t internationally hated or ridiculed. So why is it necessary for Britain to maintain that ability (albeit once America says we can)?

Britain has a small nuclear arsenal, and one which relies on the USA for targeting and so on, which means it is not an "independent" deterrent. Britain is also calling for other countries to stop developing nuclear weapons.

So we look like hypocrites with gay nuclear weapons which we have to ask Daddy permission to use.

Expensively and destructively crap, Trident weapons have been renewed by Tony Blair and his toss-arse colleagues, all of whom are evil, morally corrupted, massive C....