Sunday, 25 March 2007

sounds like but isn´t

I was excited, because I really like them, and all their records so far have been excellent... I was really looking forward to the new record by The Cinematic Orchestra.
Then I realised that a song I´ve heard a few times in bars that´s shit, because it sounds like Coldplay... is actually the Cinematic Orchestra.
When I heard their remix album, I was completely addicted to it, and it´s still one of my favourite ever records.
So it´s a real shame, because as much as I won´t be listening to music that sounds like Bruce Springsteen, I will also not be listening to music that sounds like Coldplay.
And it really does! Listen to ¨to build a home¨ on their myspace page.
Now, unfortunately, TCO are critical darlings, and much loved in the new jazz world, so NOONE will express the coldplay-ness of this song, they will call it ¨beautiful and evocative.¨
Well, I´m calling it shit... just because I like a group, doesn´t mean I will forgive them sounding like Chris Martin, or some other bunch of c!"¿*. To be ¨cool¨ you have to make cool music, not pissy middle of the road toss like this.
I read this song is the album closer, so it´s possible the rest of the album is better... but I´m not very tempted to find out.

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