Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Spirituality is a quality held in great esteem by people who like joss-sticks and lots of purple.

As a way of thinking, it is quite broad, indeed tries to touch people at every point of their lives. It's failure to do can be seen by the herds of "spiritual" people who combine their spirituality with rampant consumerism and materialism. I guess they think that, as material wealth isn't important - it doesn't matter if they have a lot of it.

Spiritual people believe in things like "mother-earth", the "soul" and "energy" (not the scientific kind). This blog, for example, would be full of lots of "bad" or "negative" energy.

You might as well be eating cancer, from a spiritual point of view.

Spiritual people think man made things, like chemicals, are bad, and natural things, like kittens, are good. Don't point out that chemicals are not man made, or that kittens are cat-made: That's just creating bad energy, maaan.

Spirituality involves, as written above, joss sticks. Other important tools are new-age trance cds, and anything dolphin/whale related. To the spiritual person, dolphins and whales are more evolved and intelligent than humans. To be fair, they have a point: I've never seen a dolphin using joss sticks, or talking about "the soul"....

Popular spiritual people include:
Maria "I'm the type of person that loves dolphins" Carey,
Brad "my girlfriend is my personality" Pitt,
Tony Blair and Cherie Booth-Blair.
spirituality in action

Reincarnation is a popular belief of spiritual people, but that is another matter.


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