Wednesday, 7 March 2007

We're Saved!

It's the Honda Earth-car! The 2007 Formula 1 competition car, driven by Jensen Button, achieving an impressive 5 miles per gallon!
You might think, calling it an Earth car and covering it in pictures of the Earth, it might be a revolutionary new environmentally friendly technological breakthrough.
It isn't, though! But don't worry,
"We are dedicating this car to environmental awareness... With this car we will spread the message of the environment ... We will invite everyone to pledge to do something. The message is awareness. Please be aware that the environment is a major concern. Please do something about it," said a Honda spokesperson...

"please do something about it."

Because we're not.

It's like Marlboro man going into schools, smoking, saying "hey kids, don't smoke! I might look cool doing it, but don't!"
Actually, the Marlboro man doesn't look at all cool, does he? Certainly not since Brokeback Mountain... though looking like any sort of cowboy is not cool.
"Hey kids! Want to look homo-erotic like me? Smoke Marlboro!"

postscript... I am a hypocrite; I watch F1 races, but I am consistent; I chop down the rain forest and kill baby seals while I'm doing it.

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