Monday, 30 April 2007

Broadcast Him

..God-tube? Whatever next!?

Is there going to be a "Christian" version of all popular sites? Maybe I should be more specific, because this site, like conservapedia, is not just Christian, it's specifically "Mental-Creationist-Right-Wing-Nut-Job-Christian", and not all Christians are that bad!

Here's some dull old man explaining how evolution is wrong, and Noah really did get all the animals on his ark!!
There's a fantastic remark about camels and llamas....

...but the best thing is his "desk", complete with lamp, papers, an inflatable globe, and a few plastic dinosaurs. Just like a real scientist!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

A spectre is haunting Europe...

Over the past 10 years or so, the gap between rich and poor has been increasing in "the west" again. It's a great time to be rich, and thanks to the media's obsession with them, we can easily see what things this money brings.
So I might've thought there'd be a little jealousy, or even anger about it, but there is very little. Perhaps people like to think they might become rich one day, it's a free country after all... but, and I'm really sorry, with the chasm between rich and poor increasing, it seems social mobility is in decline too. Poor us.

I think a more likely reason for people not being angry is consumerism, and the increasing affordability of it.
We can, and do, buy loads of stuff.
Electronics and fashion are getting cheaper, meaning that we can still "keep up with the jones'".
The problem with this is how it's made possible. The fast and cheap fashion industry, surprise surprise, raises all the worries that arose ten years ago with the "big brands" like Nike.
It's not really surprising that these cheap goods are produced in poor countries, with all the associated terrible worker conditions. Even if there really isn't child labour, you wouldn't want an adult to have to work in a textiles factory for 14 hours a day on a subsistance wage; it's inhuman. Charles Dickens should be writing novels set in modern day China, Bangladesh and India. Why isn't he??!

And why is noone bothered? In England there were Primark riots. Not protesting developing world exploitation, but fighting over cheap jeans. That's fucking deep, Britain, well done, nice image you're sending out there.

It seems as long as people can afford to buy "nice things", they will be placated, and as the products we buy don't come with a picture of the brown person who produced it, we can pretend it doesn't happen. We can pretend that the worker who made the dress can afford Sky TV and a couple of Ryan-Air flights a year. Or just not think about it at all.

We should all be able to afford to buy clothes which have not exploited someone because it's cheaper to do that than pay them a decent wage. If it wasn't for Primark ect, if clothes cost what they should (exploitation free), would people become upset about inequality? Because then it would be OUR inequality; moving production to cheap countries has merely pushed the problem away. The poorly paid abroad are in effect paying to keep us happy.
They shouldn't have to.

I realise this is "capitalism" and "free trade", and in that way I think both are bad systems. There are certainly advantages to them, but they must be limited (by politics, I would hope). The free movement of goods and capital is not the highest ideal: Life is more important. Any system humans create should first be concerned with increasing good lives. A system which supports some good lives at the expense of others is a broken system.

Oh, fuck. I'm starting to sound like a Marxist.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Lesbian King

Transgender prom king
I honestly couldn´t care less about this, "person wants to take part in pointless out-moded tradition", but, you know, whatever floats your boat, as it were.
Being reminded of prom-night makes me praise the lord I didn´t have to be (North)American and go to an American school. Phew.
Anyway, the value of this story is the following quote, from 18 year old Erich Logan:

"I like lesbians, but they shouldn't be allowed to run for king."

I know we can all sympathise with that :)


cry baby

Greens Snuffed Out By China...

"Well THEY´RE doing it, so why should WE stop?"... nyaa nyaa nyaa..

Grow up!

The Saudis are still using slaves and oppressing women, why aren´t we?

So China is polluting a lot, therefore "it´s pointless for us to do anything". What an attitude! One, if we pollute less, that will mean climate change is slower, and two, if we create economies that are environmentally friendly, that will develop clean technologies than can be spread around the world.

Ever heard of setting an example? There seems to be a number of people who are almost trying to give up before we´ve started, like this evil retarded cock monster - making as many excuses as possible to do nothing. It´s a bit crap.

I really shouldn´t have looked at that Little-bastard-john article, it has a kind of "Incredible Hulk" effect on me, and now I can´t think straight. He says "The whole point about global warming - if such a thing exists - is that it is global."
You utter BASTARD; contemptible, sub-human, lying, idiotic BASTARD. To say "it might not exist", when 99% of credible scientists and organisations say it most certainly does is a shocking piece of radicalism, and I do hope he´s got evidence to back that up. He fucking won´t have, though, cause he´s a shithead.
Implicit in his arguement, ANYWAY, is an acceptance of climate change science, as he first excuses us from action by pointing out China´s CO2 emissions. It either has an effect or it doesn´t Richie Littlecock, you can´t have it both ways.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

description of a fool

Prince William in da club story
What a fucking fascinating story that was. I do have a little gripe with her "story",though. Something just doesn't feel right... She says "Mahiki is a friendly place with great, Polynesian-themed decor"..
Great, Polynesian-themed decor?
Surely she meant awful-tacky-Polynesian-decor that would make any reasonable person want to puke? Fuck me.

So, Prince William orders 125 pound-sterling cocktails does he? Well, at least that clears up any confusion about whether or not he's a complete cunt, then.
It's reinvigorated my republicanism: We must be rid of the Monarchy before this braying inbred shit becomes anyone's head of state. Off with his head!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

no, No, NO!

First, in 1984/5 they solved hunger.

Then, in 2005, they solved poverty.

Now, in 2007, Rock stars are back to solve Climate Change.

Isn't it great that there's no hunger and poverty in the world!! I sure can't wait till the environment's saved too, oh goody!

Live Earth

Jesus fucking -H- Christ, how will that help?
Pop stars "raise awareness"? Of Climate change?
If people don't know about it now, they should be fucking shot.
A pop concert full of penis egos will not help anything.
If you need Razorlight to tell you "we have a problem", YOU are a fucking problem, ok?

Al Gore says "By attracting an audience of billions, we hope Live Earth will launch a global campaign giving a critical mass of people around the world the tools they need to help solve the climate crisis."

What tools? Give me an idea! How is seeing Madonna prancing about "raising awareness" going to give me or any other idiot the "tools they need".

This is an insipid event, a great big party so for one day we can all feel as if we are "doing something", and "part of something". When what we've actually done is watch the Red Hot Shitty Peppers on the telly, and fuck all else.
Please please please, someone prove me wrong. Tell me how this will solve climate change.

And please explain to me why U2 are not in it.

If you can find any answers here, you're cleverer than me.

Monday, 9 April 2007

love, actually

Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Riviera going at it hammer and tongues.

It doesn't matter who's right. We all win in this war :)

...Also, search for "the most hated family in America" in youtube, and see a bbc Lois Theroux documentary: amazing.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

merry christmas

...Every so often I need a fix of minimalism. Every few years POLE reappears with exactly the minimal fix I want. This is the picture-postcard sleeve of "steingarten", his new album, which is full of super-cool un-melodic noise. It's very restrained, but warm, and to me it sounds easily accessible; unusual for minimal electronica.

Very pleasant, and highly recommended.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

product placement

The trailer for David Lynch's new film was too scary, and I won't be going to see it...
...but he is clearly a cool man.

Word! can also see the whole 19minute interview here, which is worth watching just to see Lynch's hand gestures! ...and then he starts going on about his own brand of coffee followed by meditation, which is completely loopy!

outraged outrage

Now, I should never, EVER, read The Daily Mail, but I accidently saw this link while amusing myself on Conservapedia...
I love stories like this, they're so cool. The Daily Mail, for the uninitiated, lives in it's own little world of paranoia and right wing hatred.
So, a poor little 11 year old had to see the police for sending another boy an email calling him a "gayboy".
Good! Look at the picture in the article! He may be trying to look terrified and hurt, but to me he looks like a viscious fat little fuck. And while I'm being offensive; his mum looks like a twisted bitter dried up old witch as well.
Maybe a visit from the police is quite extreme, but on the other hand, the chubby shit has to learn you shouldn't bully people.
And the line "I was using 'gay' to mean 'stupid'" is bullshit: When it's used in conjunction with the word 'boy', it means GAY-boy not stupid boy.
And there's another outraged story about a girl who got arrested for refusing to sit with some Asians in her class. Now you'd think "it's wrong for someone to refuse to sit with people based on race", and you'd be right... but in Daily Mail World, this is an 'attack on a poor little white girl, she ain't done nuffink wrong, it's perlitical correctness gawn mad innit?' The picture in this article also does little to raise my sympathies, but perhaps being rude about one kid in one post is enough.
When I hear shit like this, I just think... is it SO HARD not to be rascist and homophobic? I mean is it entirely necessary? Can't kids and Daily Mail journalists (who by the way are all rascist homophobes) even learn that they should just keep their mouths shut?
If I was king, they really would see 'political correctness gone mad': I'd have the whole Daily Mail staff in the stocks. Grrrr.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

the ruiner of all things good

business and blogging
So, the business world needs to come to terms with Web 2.0.
One way advertisers can think about blogs and such is.... to not think about them, and just fuck off. I mean really, if someone tried to put adverts in a conversation in the pub, that would be over the top. Why? Because it's public/private space, not commercial space. Advertising gurus and parasites don't seem to understand that perhaps there are places we don't want to be sold stuff.

Advertising, to a great extent anyway, seems to be self perpetuating. When was the last time you bought something after seeing an advert? Furthermore, when was the last time you clicked on an advertising banner on the web?

It's just noise, most advertising, clogging up space, airwaves and peoples thoughts. Why bother? I try to just tune it out, and the odd time that doesn't work is because I've got angry about it. But that doesn't make me buy things.

The urban world would be much improved with less advertising, the internet too... but what are the chances of less advertising?

The world is full of people desperate to tell you something, and that something is ' more stuff', essentially. There are much more, I dunno, worthwhile messages for people to hear, but they get drowned out by all the noise of pointless advertising, showing us that, for example, if you want a horrid wife like David Beckham, use Gilette, if you like Kate Moss, use cocaine and so on... I don't really think these are the most useful things for us to spend our brain-space on.

But Advertising execs don't give a fuck, as long as the cheques keep coming in, and they'll try to plaster a slogan on everything if you let them (what about condoms?).
I want public, commerce free space increased. Perhaps this would begin to change the idea that we are nothing but consumers. Are we more than consumers? Maybe I've got it wrong, and the whole point of life and evolution was to create intelligent beings who would buy aspirational suitcases because Scarlett Johannson pouted at them from billboards.
And seriously.. how horrible are those Vuitton/Johansson adverts? Urgh.