Tuesday, 24 April 2007

cry baby

Greens Snuffed Out By China...

"Well THEY´RE doing it, so why should WE stop?"... nyaa nyaa nyaa..

Grow up!

The Saudis are still using slaves and oppressing women, why aren´t we?

So China is polluting a lot, therefore "it´s pointless for us to do anything". What an attitude! One, if we pollute less, that will mean climate change is slower, and two, if we create economies that are environmentally friendly, that will develop clean technologies than can be spread around the world.

Ever heard of setting an example? There seems to be a number of people who are almost trying to give up before we´ve started, like this evil retarded cock monster - making as many excuses as possible to do nothing. It´s a bit crap.

I really shouldn´t have looked at that Little-bastard-john article, it has a kind of "Incredible Hulk" effect on me, and now I can´t think straight. He says "The whole point about global warming - if such a thing exists - is that it is global."
You utter BASTARD; contemptible, sub-human, lying, idiotic BASTARD. To say "it might not exist", when 99% of credible scientists and organisations say it most certainly does is a shocking piece of radicalism, and I do hope he´s got evidence to back that up. He fucking won´t have, though, cause he´s a shithead.
Implicit in his arguement, ANYWAY, is an acceptance of climate change science, as he first excuses us from action by pointing out China´s CO2 emissions. It either has an effect or it doesn´t Richie Littlecock, you can´t have it both ways.

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