Thursday, 5 April 2007

outraged outrage

Now, I should never, EVER, read The Daily Mail, but I accidently saw this link while amusing myself on Conservapedia...
I love stories like this, they're so cool. The Daily Mail, for the uninitiated, lives in it's own little world of paranoia and right wing hatred.
So, a poor little 11 year old had to see the police for sending another boy an email calling him a "gayboy".
Good! Look at the picture in the article! He may be trying to look terrified and hurt, but to me he looks like a viscious fat little fuck. And while I'm being offensive; his mum looks like a twisted bitter dried up old witch as well.
Maybe a visit from the police is quite extreme, but on the other hand, the chubby shit has to learn you shouldn't bully people.
And the line "I was using 'gay' to mean 'stupid'" is bullshit: When it's used in conjunction with the word 'boy', it means GAY-boy not stupid boy.
And there's another outraged story about a girl who got arrested for refusing to sit with some Asians in her class. Now you'd think "it's wrong for someone to refuse to sit with people based on race", and you'd be right... but in Daily Mail World, this is an 'attack on a poor little white girl, she ain't done nuffink wrong, it's perlitical correctness gawn mad innit?' The picture in this article also does little to raise my sympathies, but perhaps being rude about one kid in one post is enough.
When I hear shit like this, I just think... is it SO HARD not to be rascist and homophobic? I mean is it entirely necessary? Can't kids and Daily Mail journalists (who by the way are all rascist homophobes) even learn that they should just keep their mouths shut?
If I was king, they really would see 'political correctness gone mad': I'd have the whole Daily Mail staff in the stocks. Grrrr.


Wouter said...

In Belgium a bishop has called homosexuals abnormal. Gay people's sexual development halted in a premature stage, making them gay, and not hetero which is a fully developed form of sexuality according to this bishop. Of course, afterwards, when the outrage about this story began, he denied ever using the word "abnormal". The journalist who interviewed him though, still had the tape of the interview and was happy to share it with the rest of Belgium. This is the catholic church at its most conservative. Arse.

discoriggall said...

that's great! So, he's saying homosexality is less-developed sexuality..hmmm... that means EVERYONE goes through a gay period as they grow up? Woah.
I think that's maybe the Bishop's experience he's talking about. First, he had relationships with boys, then "developed" into having relations with God, I guess.
Bishops are nutters!