Wednesday, 4 April 2007

the ruiner of all things good

business and blogging
So, the business world needs to come to terms with Web 2.0.
One way advertisers can think about blogs and such is.... to not think about them, and just fuck off. I mean really, if someone tried to put adverts in a conversation in the pub, that would be over the top. Why? Because it's public/private space, not commercial space. Advertising gurus and parasites don't seem to understand that perhaps there are places we don't want to be sold stuff.

Advertising, to a great extent anyway, seems to be self perpetuating. When was the last time you bought something after seeing an advert? Furthermore, when was the last time you clicked on an advertising banner on the web?

It's just noise, most advertising, clogging up space, airwaves and peoples thoughts. Why bother? I try to just tune it out, and the odd time that doesn't work is because I've got angry about it. But that doesn't make me buy things.

The urban world would be much improved with less advertising, the internet too... but what are the chances of less advertising?

The world is full of people desperate to tell you something, and that something is ' more stuff', essentially. There are much more, I dunno, worthwhile messages for people to hear, but they get drowned out by all the noise of pointless advertising, showing us that, for example, if you want a horrid wife like David Beckham, use Gilette, if you like Kate Moss, use cocaine and so on... I don't really think these are the most useful things for us to spend our brain-space on.

But Advertising execs don't give a fuck, as long as the cheques keep coming in, and they'll try to plaster a slogan on everything if you let them (what about condoms?).
I want public, commerce free space increased. Perhaps this would begin to change the idea that we are nothing but consumers. Are we more than consumers? Maybe I've got it wrong, and the whole point of life and evolution was to create intelligent beings who would buy aspirational suitcases because Scarlett Johannson pouted at them from billboards.
And seriously.. how horrible are those Vuitton/Johansson adverts? Urgh.


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