Wednesday, 30 May 2007

earth people

aaaand after a relatively quiet time, fusion is back!! Not Jazz fusion, not japanese-italian cuisine fusion, but nuclear fusion. Saviour of the world!!

Well, maybe. As the guy from the JET project says; achieving ignition is not the be all and end all. More amusingly, Prof Dunne from the Central Laser Facility (how fucking COOL must it be to work there!?!) says the trick is "can we get it(fusion) to work without throwing a nuclear bomb at the thing?" So, no MAJOR problems to overcome, then!
One thing kinda popped out at me, that being the repeated phrase that the waste is "no more radioactive than hospital waste". There's no mention that, well, hospital waste is more radioactive than domestic waste! All those x-ray machines! The nurses don't hide behind lead curtains just for fun...
It would be, like super cool if we could achieve fusion, but I think we should try being environmental first, just in case we can't re-create what happens IN-THE-SUN on earth.

One other story I noticed was this. Jesus, sometimes I think "people" should really not be consulted about anything! As was noted on Brass Eye about the public, "your opinions tonight have been described as rabid, pig-ignorant, and stultifyingly ill-informed." If the British public were allowed to make decisions about everything, I would dread to see the outcome.

...not that I don't believe in democracy, just not for stupid British people, ok? Give them a choice and they don't chooose quality education, enlightenment and peace, but choose the Daily Mail, Kate Moss and Margaret Thatcher. Can't trust 'em!

..and a lovely piece of creationist satire from the Onion to finish.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

TV interference

Iran and the USA have started to talk to each other face to face, which has to be a good thing... at least I hope so.

One of the US's main complaints is that Tehran is interfering in Iraq. Having just finished reading Albert Hourani's "A history of the Arab Peoples", which does a good job of giving a broad overview of the "Arab world", two things occur to me.

-The most important, I think, is to note that whatever "we" think Iran, or Syria, are doing in Iraq, there has not been a single decade in the past 100 years where 'the west' has not been directly or indirectly militarily involved in those countries. That's a lot of interfering.

-The second is more to do with local politics, and that is that while we can see separate countries on the map, it may be that some people, in Syria especially, don't see Iraq as a separate country, in the strict sense, as there is a strong history of belief in a "single Arab nation". You can certainly see that it's not only Iraqis who feel the occupying armies are "aliens".

Many Americans obviously have a strong sense of their own history, like the driver of a car with a bumper sticker saying "England get out of Ireland", but don't seem willing to understand other peoples have their histories too. And Americans think noone has a right to interfere with their way of life, or their political system...
..I remember the Guardian having a little campaign in favour of the Democrats at the last US election, and the anger and vitriol against that "interference" from a British newspaper was amazing!
... So, it should only take a little "putting yourself in their shoes" for American people to have some human understanding of how Arab countries and Iraqis might feel about the USA(etc) in Iraq.

Or they can continue looking for excuses to bomb country by country until everybody's dead and everything is on fire.

In other inevitable news, Polish Government spokesperson Ewa Sowinska, has suggested Tellytubbies undergo psychological testing to see if it "promotes homosexual behaviour". Because the purple one, a boy, carries a woman's handbag.
There are other more worrying ideas in Tellytubbies, not least that it seems to suggest there is a Sun-God. Aztecs believed that, so I imagine the Tellytubby generation with be making human sacrifices very soon.
Tellytubbies: brightly coloured, linguistically challenged aliens, living in a world populated by giant rabbits, all under the control of a baby faced Sun-God. It's less "eh-oh", and more "uh-oh"!

Reading about that a day after the Gay Rights violence in Russia, I just had an image in my head of Russian fascist thugs chasing Tinky Winky around, to the theme tune of Benny Hill (hopefully my first and last ever mention of him).


look at the face!
That´s an article about why facebook is the new apple, and it made me literally vomit.
How can you climb so far up the arse of a corporate website? Disgusting.
Facebook is a glorified phonebook, the design is clean, but dull to the point of extreme conservatism. My little experiment with it is over. You may note I still use Myspace, but I like it as it´s more about showing off, whereas facebook is just faceless.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

hot people

Recently, a theologian in Britain damned most Britons to Hell. Woooh. Scary.
Is that man a complete idiot? I found his picture, but it would be rude to comment on his (ugly, fat) face :)
Evangelical Christians are actually mental, I can´t think of another way to see it. It´s a shame if they have any influence, because whatever they believe, I find it impossible to see that God matters, one way or the other.

Unless I´m missing something, these "linear religions" have a problem they should all be worried about. I say "linear" as they believe in a beginning and an end. But I don´t understand "judgement day", it makes no sense! Millions of people have lived and died, and gone either to heaven or hell, so we are told. So what´s the point of judgment day? It´s just like dying, only en-masse.

The other thing that occurs to me about God´s judgement is that, well; who´s a better person? Someone who is good just to be good, or someone who´s good because he wants to go to heaven? Of course religious people would then say but you have to believe in and praise God, because that´s what he wants.
I´m not going to mince my words, so I apologise in advance:

What a cunt.

The world makes more sense without God, and it´s more amazing. The birth of the universe, and the birth of life and evolution is incredible, and to be conscious of it is wonderful.

Now, there are lots of problems in the world, and we need to sort them out. Lots of problems are our own fault, so we know who to blame.
Stick God into the picture, and it all gets ugly. Suddenly, I wonder why he felt it necessary to make people unequal in ability. Why can´t I grow the beard I want? Why am I designed to suffer back pain (evolution has an answer to that one), why do bad people prosper and innocent ones die? What´s the point of wasps? Why do we die?
If I am forced to think some supreme being created earth and life, I am forced into saying you made a bit of a shit job out of it. And I wouldn´t feel very responsible for any of my actions, as "it´s all part of God´s plan".
I could go around pushing old people into the street! "Just doing God´s work madam!!"
Yeah, "God".. cool, cool...

But I wanted to say it doesn´t matter. I really think it doesn´t. I agree with Kant we have an innate "catagorical imperative"(basically ´treat other people as you would like to be treated´), to do good, and that you can see throughout humanity that there are basic human ethics, and they exist regardless of belief in God. And if I think I only have one "life", I might be encouraged to make the best of it. I certainly never feel like killing people who don´t believe in the same god I don´t believe in.

If there´s a God, he she or it hasn´t showed up for a long time (handy, that), so all we can say is that we know what it is to be human, and that´s about it. One of the innate things about being Human is questioning things. That´s what makes us creative and ingenious. We can look at something that happens and ask "why?". Without that we´d not be Human. So I can understand the question "why do we exist?", and I think it´s a logical thing for us to ask that - but it´s the wrong question. Just because we can ask a question doesn´t mean there must be an answer. The easiest answer to that question is to decide there must be a creator, but it´s only popular because it´s easy, and comforting to people.

It´s wrong! There´s no meaning to existence beyond ourselves, but if anyone thinks about it, being alive seems important to us. That´s the point, there´s no more!
If I die, and it turns out I was wrong, and there is a God, what can I have been expected to do? Act against my best judgement?

Some religions think you should "respect" them, and not question "God´s word". Well, I think that´s backwards. Any idea, or proposition, has to respect me. If it doesn´t stand up to scrutiny, then it´s not worth anything. I sometimes wonder if that´s why some religious people get so angry if they are criticised: deep down they know they are wrong, but like some people in Plato´s cave, they are frightened of leaving the illusion of life they have.
So, a big bunch of scaredy cats, then!

I would be more tolerant of religion if it had no effect, if people stopped abusing their children by forcing idiotic beliefs onto them.
But they do, so I´m not.

It´s fucking Friday... Still 8 days till the end of the... I mean 8 days till I see Battles at primavera sound!! That matters. Much more than God :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

hold my drink, bitch

Some bloke has written in el Guardian asking "Why don't straight people read gay books?". I didn't know books could be gay! How do you tell??
But, more seriously, why are authors writing "gay literature"? If it was "literature" I would read it: I don't ever buy "chick-lit" books, as I'm not a chicken, and similarly, I would assume "gay books" are for gay people... I don't go into the "fantasy" section of bookstores because I'm not a geek, and I don't go into the "gay" sections because I'm not gay. I ASSUME if there's anything gay worth reading, it'll be with the rest of the books. Truman Capote, for example. He wrote books, not gay books.
As I tried to say a while ago, what's with this "defining myself by who I sleep with" stuff? Not necessary! I don't want to think about who you're sleeping with! Uuuuurgh!
Brad Pitt defines himself (image wise) by who he's sleeping with, and he's a pussy.
Don't be like Brad Pitt! And if you do pidgeon-hole yourself by writing in terms of your sexuality - don't expect me to give a fuck.

Rick James, I think, would also not have given a fuck:

f*** yo' couch ni**a

. | .

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Here is an article about Colby Buzzell, who´s won an award for the book based on his US-soldier-in-Iraq blog. I haven´t read this award winning blog, or the book!
some article
...but I did read that piece about publishing and blogging, and I also read the author´s blog
...Oh my fucking christ.
Oooh deary me.
Wow! She talks about "wanking"... how edgy, how dangerous!!
And that thrilling description of her weekend; I was on the edge of my seat!!
I´m certainly not saying anything about what I write, but I hope it doesn´t boil down to...

1: "Look at my exciting life", and

2: "Men are always looking at my tits".

Which is what Abby Lee seems to be saying.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

I'm a racist

Obviously, you CAN'T judge someone on looks alone, can you? That's completely wrong and bad...'s just, well, I look at seriously conservative leaders and I think... can just TELL they are horrible people can't you? Just by looking at their piggy little eyes!

What I don't understand, then, is why countries keep voting for such people. You can see that they don't do compassion, and that they only look out for number one. Why would you want this person to represent you?

Horrible, horrible people. When will we learn?

Monday, 7 May 2007

teenage reasoning

I just like the song.
If you don't, that's ok, if it's ok to be EVIL and WRONG.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Time 100 list of important yawns

Time magazine has released it's "100 people who shape our world". Wooooh.
You can slowly kill yourself reading it, if you wanna.
Maybe it's boring for me 'cause I'm not American, don't recognise half the people, and all the articles are apparently written by people's friends (unless they're "bad people" - hardly fair!):
"I met X 10 years ago and ever since then I've thought s/he is AMAZING and WONDERFUL."
Well, whoopy-shit.

A great big exercise in pointless headline making is what it is, and commenting on some of the remarkably inane people included, I'm afraid, is beneath my contempt.

For those who think "there's no justice in the world"..

And they're coming to Primavera Sound! Can't wait!