Wednesday, 30 May 2007

earth people

aaaand after a relatively quiet time, fusion is back!! Not Jazz fusion, not japanese-italian cuisine fusion, but nuclear fusion. Saviour of the world!!

Well, maybe. As the guy from the JET project says; achieving ignition is not the be all and end all. More amusingly, Prof Dunne from the Central Laser Facility (how fucking COOL must it be to work there!?!) says the trick is "can we get it(fusion) to work without throwing a nuclear bomb at the thing?" So, no MAJOR problems to overcome, then!
One thing kinda popped out at me, that being the repeated phrase that the waste is "no more radioactive than hospital waste". There's no mention that, well, hospital waste is more radioactive than domestic waste! All those x-ray machines! The nurses don't hide behind lead curtains just for fun...
It would be, like super cool if we could achieve fusion, but I think we should try being environmental first, just in case we can't re-create what happens IN-THE-SUN on earth.

One other story I noticed was this. Jesus, sometimes I think "people" should really not be consulted about anything! As was noted on Brass Eye about the public, "your opinions tonight have been described as rabid, pig-ignorant, and stultifyingly ill-informed." If the British public were allowed to make decisions about everything, I would dread to see the outcome.

...not that I don't believe in democracy, just not for stupid British people, ok? Give them a choice and they don't chooose quality education, enlightenment and peace, but choose the Daily Mail, Kate Moss and Margaret Thatcher. Can't trust 'em!

..and a lovely piece of creationist satire from the Onion to finish.

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