Tuesday, 22 May 2007

hold my drink, bitch

Some bloke has written in el Guardian asking "Why don't straight people read gay books?". I didn't know books could be gay! How do you tell??
But, more seriously, why are authors writing "gay literature"? If it was "literature" I would read it: I don't ever buy "chick-lit" books, as I'm not a chicken, and similarly, I would assume "gay books" are for gay people... I don't go into the "fantasy" section of bookstores because I'm not a geek, and I don't go into the "gay" sections because I'm not gay. I ASSUME if there's anything gay worth reading, it'll be with the rest of the books. Truman Capote, for example. He wrote books, not gay books.
As I tried to say a while ago, what's with this "defining myself by who I sleep with" stuff? Not necessary! I don't want to think about who you're sleeping with! Uuuuurgh!
Brad Pitt defines himself (image wise) by who he's sleeping with, and he's a pussy.
Don't be like Brad Pitt! And if you do pidgeon-hole yourself by writing in terms of your sexuality - don't expect me to give a fuck.

Rick James, I think, would also not have given a fuck:

f*** yo' couch ni**a

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