Tuesday, 29 May 2007

TV interference

Iran and the USA have started to talk to each other face to face, which has to be a good thing... at least I hope so.

One of the US's main complaints is that Tehran is interfering in Iraq. Having just finished reading Albert Hourani's "A history of the Arab Peoples", which does a good job of giving a broad overview of the "Arab world", two things occur to me.

-The most important, I think, is to note that whatever "we" think Iran, or Syria, are doing in Iraq, there has not been a single decade in the past 100 years where 'the west' has not been directly or indirectly militarily involved in those countries. That's a lot of interfering.

-The second is more to do with local politics, and that is that while we can see separate countries on the map, it may be that some people, in Syria especially, don't see Iraq as a separate country, in the strict sense, as there is a strong history of belief in a "single Arab nation". You can certainly see that it's not only Iraqis who feel the occupying armies are "aliens".

Many Americans obviously have a strong sense of their own history, like the driver of a car with a bumper sticker saying "England get out of Ireland", but don't seem willing to understand other peoples have their histories too. And Americans think noone has a right to interfere with their way of life, or their political system...
..I remember the Guardian having a little campaign in favour of the Democrats at the last US election, and the anger and vitriol against that "interference" from a British newspaper was amazing!
... So, it should only take a little "putting yourself in their shoes" for American people to have some human understanding of how Arab countries and Iraqis might feel about the USA(etc) in Iraq.

Or they can continue looking for excuses to bomb country by country until everybody's dead and everything is on fire.

In other inevitable news, Polish Government spokesperson Ewa Sowinska, has suggested Tellytubbies undergo psychological testing to see if it "promotes homosexual behaviour". Because the purple one, a boy, carries a woman's handbag.
There are other more worrying ideas in Tellytubbies, not least that it seems to suggest there is a Sun-God. Aztecs believed that, so I imagine the Tellytubby generation with be making human sacrifices very soon.
Tellytubbies: brightly coloured, linguistically challenged aliens, living in a world populated by giant rabbits, all under the control of a baby faced Sun-God. It's less "eh-oh", and more "uh-oh"!

Reading about that a day after the Gay Rights violence in Russia, I just had an image in my head of Russian fascist thugs chasing Tinky Winky around, to the theme tune of Benny Hill (hopefully my first and last ever mention of him).

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