Tuesday, 29 May 2007


look at the face!
That´s an article about why facebook is the new apple, and it made me literally vomit.
How can you climb so far up the arse of a corporate website? Disgusting.
Facebook is a glorified phonebook, the design is clean, but dull to the point of extreme conservatism. My little experiment with it is over. You may note I still use Myspace, but I like it as it´s more about showing off, whereas facebook is just faceless.


Stúlka said...

Also last.fm is claiming to be an alternative to myspace, so i don´t agree with the article cos all the social communities could be compared as well. I disagree specially with facebook taking the "opposite" role to myspace cos is kind of the same "operative system" but much more boring.

disclaimer: im too tired to write in a proper english so whatever.

discoriggall said...

damn, you commented before I edited the title. nevermind!
I know what you mean about social communities... they could all be compared, and Last.fm is different to facebook and myspace, which do similar things. Maybe one day, we will all have wars depending on which social network we belong to :)