Tuesday, 26 June 2007

BAE in corrupt shocker

..well, not exactly "shocker". I'm quite pleased they are turning out, albeit unsurprisingly, to be legally corrupt as well as morally corrupt.

We should not be selling arms to other countries. Not to developed ones like France, not to dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, to developing war torn countries in Africa, nor to Scotland. Not to anywhere.

Because while we lovingly call it the "defense" industry, what it actually is is the mechanised ingenious killing industry.

When did people having bigger and better weapons increase peace? Two countries at each other's throats are hardly going to stop if you sell them cooler, more explosive ways of destroying their "enemies".
For countries not at war, militarisation just causes mistrust, which breeds more militarisation and escalation towards war. Of course, this is GREAT for companies like BAE, because they thrive in a world where everyone wants to kill each other.

Let's stop them, eh?

If people want to kill each other (and they don't, but it's another story why they do kill each other), we should not "help" them by selling them faster ways of doing so.

The arguement that "if we don't (sell arms), other countries will", is hardly a worthy one, and a good example of how "international relations" discourse has yet to mature out of the playground. So, yes other countries will sell arms, but that doesn't make it right, does it?

There are a lot of jobs involved at BAE, I guess... but all that technological ability? Surely that could be put to some kind of peaceful use?

Armaments are one of the things we apparently have no choice about, we "have to do it" as we're world leaders in it.. but we really don't have to do it. We can do what we want. Obviously, having the US inquiring into BAE corruption is almost definitely a double standard, but let's worry about that later.

I sincerely hope some high up people from BAE go to prison; unless they want to repent now, and move into the fluffy bunny rabbit industry.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Right? Right.

The BBC's bias is born of a shallow view of impartiality.

Some people, like this wanker, criticise the BBC for not being impartial, because they think that being reasonable, middle of the road, and liberal is some kind of "political stance."

Well, it's not. Being reasonable and so on is what you become when you try to take a balanced view of things. If a person or organisation takes a dispassionate open minded view of something, the result will be reasoned and liberal looking.

Why is this? Why?

Because being reasoned and liberal is right, and other points of view - made from dogma, prejudice and ignorance - are wrong. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
Show me a conservative, and I'll show you an irrational traditionalist. Show me a "real socialist", and I'll show you a dogmatic, inflexible thought vacuum.

A news service from the right of politics, like Fox News, is biased. The BBC, taking a "balanced" view, and appearing liberal, is not. People on the right complaining that the reasonable balanced position is biased, are either dim, or seriously biased themselves.

Was that clear?

Liberal - Right.
Other things - Wrong.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


An admission: I both wanted to have more music scrobbled on last.fm, and catch up with the world. So for an hour I listened to bbc radio 4 online, while letting Justice play, silently, on i-tunes.

Is this bad scrobble-etiquette? (Do I look like I care?)

Incidentally.. if I ever meet the founders of Last.fm, I will punch them for inventing the ugliest new English word I've heard for years:
Scrobbling: It sounds like an adjective to describe "playing with your balls".

"Oh my God! What are you doing!!??"

"Just having a quick scrobble."

*If you don't know what scrobble means, don't worry...

machine tools

Manhunt 2 Banned in UK.

Dunno if anyone´s played "Manhunt". It´s horrible, really, and I can well imagine that the sequel (how did they come up with that title? "2" wow!) is worse. Subjectively worse, please understand: I like Mario, because it´s not scary. I don´t do scary games.

But it´s an adult game. If kids get to play it and become murdering psychopaths: that´s the parent´s fault.

But, well, apparently it´s a ´violent video game with "an unrelenting focus on brutal slaying". It is a GAME, though, right?

I think the occupation of Iraq has "an unrelenting focus on brutal slaying", but the government won´t ban that.

I can understand not wanting to encourage violence, but why stop there? Let´s stop encouraging stupidity (ban almost all TV), vanity (ban the Beckhams), greed (kill rich people).... I could go on....

Monday, 11 June 2007

stupid monday

... I celebrate post 100 by writing about Paris Hilton... how did it come to this?
But it's irresistible, as she has said, from prison,
"(it was) a horrible experience."
"I was not eating or sleeping. I was severely depressed and felt as if I was in a cage."

I'm all in favour of punishing the pointlessly famous, but it's would have been nice of the Judge who sentenced her to explain to the poor thing what a prison was.

Also, any hopes that Gordon Brown might be an improvement over Blair were dealt a blow today, with this story in the Guardian: Brown vows to make intelligence independent of politics. I think it would be better to have intelligent politics :)

If you're not British, it looks like you're lucky, as we don't know who we are any more!! Fuck! What does it mean to be British?
Who cares!?

Are you British? Do you know who you are? Please contact whoever we are on this number....

Have you seen this country?

Saturday, 9 June 2007

no comment

This from "theonion.com"..

here's the article, too :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

kids with guns

ETA to end ceasefire.
...What?? If it wasn´t for the killing people and stuff, I´d find it funny. Terrorism is always wrong, though sometimes I can understand it if it is the only option left for a desperate people (I won´t name names!).
But the Basque country? It´s not exactly fucking Palestine is it? (ah, fuck, I AM naming names)

Life´s not bad in the Basque country, they can express their culture, vote (ok, not for Bastardsuna).. Someone please tell me what they´re fighting about. ´Cause to me they look like a bunch of macho, self important delusionaries.
If they stopped, disbanded, I think we could all agree not to laugh at them; but as it stands? I saw a clip of a training video on Spanish news... a bunch of men in balaclavas and camo-gear, running aroung the forest firing guns. Childish?
Stop playing soldiers, you massive cunts.
What are they training for, a Spanish invasion?...Are they actually retarded?

They are a good advert for what´s wrong with nationalism. Never worship an abstract idea; always remember we are human before we are "French" (for example). Remember what life is about... if your basic rights are met (and yes they are all over Spain); shut the fuck up, OK?


Friday, 1 June 2007

Just Us

day one...
well, the smashing pumpkins weren't smashing, I don't know slint enough to "get" them at a festival, mike patton was "challenging" or "shit", you choose....
"Fujiya & Miyagi", then, were the first good band. And they are good, a bit samey, but their one idea is a good one, so why not repeat it? I couldn't be arsed to leave them to see the White Stripes, cause I don't care about them (noone sounded impressed..)

...luckily, at 2am we were saved by

I have no superlatives to describe them. Wicked isn't enough! See them if you ever have the opportunity...