Tuesday, 5 June 2007

kids with guns

ETA to end ceasefire.
...What?? If it wasn´t for the killing people and stuff, I´d find it funny. Terrorism is always wrong, though sometimes I can understand it if it is the only option left for a desperate people (I won´t name names!).
But the Basque country? It´s not exactly fucking Palestine is it? (ah, fuck, I AM naming names)

Life´s not bad in the Basque country, they can express their culture, vote (ok, not for Bastardsuna).. Someone please tell me what they´re fighting about. ´Cause to me they look like a bunch of macho, self important delusionaries.
If they stopped, disbanded, I think we could all agree not to laugh at them; but as it stands? I saw a clip of a training video on Spanish news... a bunch of men in balaclavas and camo-gear, running aroung the forest firing guns. Childish?
Stop playing soldiers, you massive cunts.
What are they training for, a Spanish invasion?...Are they actually retarded?

They are a good advert for what´s wrong with nationalism. Never worship an abstract idea; always remember we are human before we are "French" (for example). Remember what life is about... if your basic rights are met (and yes they are all over Spain); shut the fuck up, OK?


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