Tuesday, 19 June 2007

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Manhunt 2 Banned in UK.

Dunno if anyone´s played "Manhunt". It´s horrible, really, and I can well imagine that the sequel (how did they come up with that title? "2" wow!) is worse. Subjectively worse, please understand: I like Mario, because it´s not scary. I don´t do scary games.

But it´s an adult game. If kids get to play it and become murdering psychopaths: that´s the parent´s fault.

But, well, apparently it´s a ´violent video game with "an unrelenting focus on brutal slaying". It is a GAME, though, right?

I think the occupation of Iraq has "an unrelenting focus on brutal slaying", but the government won´t ban that.

I can understand not wanting to encourage violence, but why stop there? Let´s stop encouraging stupidity (ban almost all TV), vanity (ban the Beckhams), greed (kill rich people).... I could go on....

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