Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Right? Right.

The BBC's bias is born of a shallow view of impartiality.

Some people, like this wanker, criticise the BBC for not being impartial, because they think that being reasonable, middle of the road, and liberal is some kind of "political stance."

Well, it's not. Being reasonable and so on is what you become when you try to take a balanced view of things. If a person or organisation takes a dispassionate open minded view of something, the result will be reasoned and liberal looking.

Why is this? Why?

Because being reasoned and liberal is right, and other points of view - made from dogma, prejudice and ignorance - are wrong. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
Show me a conservative, and I'll show you an irrational traditionalist. Show me a "real socialist", and I'll show you a dogmatic, inflexible thought vacuum.

A news service from the right of politics, like Fox News, is biased. The BBC, taking a "balanced" view, and appearing liberal, is not. People on the right complaining that the reasonable balanced position is biased, are either dim, or seriously biased themselves.

Was that clear?

Liberal - Right.
Other things - Wrong.


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