Monday, 23 July 2007

"hilarious right wing satire"

Here's the hilarious new cartoon character "Islamic Rage Boy", from "right-leaning" satirical website "The Nose On Your Face":

Is't it SO FUNNY?!!

I just love the way it reminds me of 1930s Nazi cartoons!! Cool!
Here's "right-leaning" Himmler's "Crafty Jew Guy":

Now, Buckley F Williams from "the nose on your face says, he's not being rascist at all, just laughing at extremist Jews.. er I mean Muslims:

"Muslim fanaticism is the problem, not Muslims. Islam is not coming across, to the average person, as a friendly or inviting religion. There must be many Muslims who don't like what's going on, but we're not hearing it."

Try replacing "Muslim" with "Jew", and "Islam" with "Judaism" etcetera, and you get the picture.

I would check his blog, but it's shit so I can't be bothered.. but what is he doing about Christian fundamentalists? Is he out protesting against the pro-lifers, and the pro-war lot? 'Cause if he is, he needs to shout louder, as I'm just not hearing it. As far as I'm concerned American Christians are all creationist mentalists.

I certainly haven't seen any evidence that "right-leaning" people are funny!!

Rascist, yes... but not funny.

angry liberal guy

Saturday, 21 July 2007

floor pie

Join in "The Simpsons Movie" experience, by eating a Yorkie bar, among other things.

Now, I've watched the Simpsons for a long time, which I'm sure makes me a little less than unique. I like the Simpsons, and out of pure curiosity, I'll go and see the film.

But Satan's Spawn are making it HARD. I want to see a film, that is the extent of my "involvement" in The Simpsons Movie.
In no way will my enjoyment be improved by eating a burger with Marge's face on it, or going to a 7-11 rebranded as a kwikimart. The amount of marketing with this film is ridiculous.

How much does it all cost? Because, let's face it, how many people in the world have NOT heard of The Simpsons? Does one really need to build any more "brand awareness"?

I was looking for some examples of Simpsons marketing, and on this site, someone said the following:

"The brand intergration shown with the versatility of these partnerships is great.
Being that I work on partnership brand placements everyday and knowing how challenging it can be to work along side a business partner it’s nice to see the Simpons Movie get such great placement in a variety of mediums/industry. Big ups to the marketing team!"

What a tosser. The mass-volume of "partnerships", or "partnershits" as I call them, is coming across as desperate. If a film's that good, surely it's not necessary to do all this. The Matrix and Star Wars sequels are good examples of mass marketing backing up crap "product".

All marketing, branding partnershits do is ruin something by forced association.

Here's Vans spokesman Chris Overholser:

"Fox approached us, but we jumped on it thinking it would be a great idea, we knew the artists would be into it too. Fox wanted to reach an influential young sort of hipster you just don't reach with a Burger King or McDonald's.", now I've never been into Vans, but their spokesperson talks about "influential young hipsters". Sorry? What was that? That's hip, daddy-o.

If you need any more evidence that people in Marketing should all be killed, I just learnt a new term for "summer blockbuster": "Tentpole film".

Tentpole film? Shouldn't that refer to porn movies?

No it shouldn't. Because the term was invented by marketing people who are so pathetic that a big-money "parnership" opportunity gives them an erection.
Kill them all.

News Flash!!
"Hope regained for Mankind as "New Tories" come third in by-election."
I was worried(and still am a little) that Britain had been seduced by a chinless, wobbly, vapid Etonian. Phew!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Olds's just I'm a bit bored of everything.
New Prime minister.. well, we've had a new prime minister before. Maybe I'll get excited when something actually happens. In the mean time I am actively not caring about reams of media speculation. yawn.

That Bush dude wants "to resolve all the outstanding issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict"... Well, I want a flying car, but not only is it unlikely; I am the wrong person to make it happen. And anyway, haven't we heard this before? Cease-fire, peace, bomb, more bombs more bombs more bombs, international conference, peace deal, cease fire, bomb, more bombs more bombs more bombs. Will they ever learn? History says no. Yawn.

OOh, what might interest me, if I was bothered, is "Japan investigates 'nuclear leak' after quake". Because the Nuclear Industry will tell you that new reactors are totally safe, not like the old days blah blah blah.... but, the idea "accidents won't ever happen again", is stupid, and we should ignore the stupid nuclear industry.. Or like the Hume said about something entirely different: "commit them to flame".

Oil price rises, boring.. Russia-UK stand off, boring... Has climate change been solved since Live Earth? Or was it a massive waste of energy?

Apparently "inequality in the UK is the worst for 40 years". Really? What shall we do about it? I think we should complain about it, then watch TV, go shopping and do nothing. Oh, sorry I mean that's what we will do.

Aaaaand finally, "Pagans have promised to conjure some 'rain magic' to erase a figure of Homer Simpson which has been painted next to the Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset." Well, pagans are stupid then. "Rain magic". Jesus.