Thursday, 30 August 2007


Critics of the growing pay gap are missing the point.

Oh really? I suppose it's good if companies are doing well, but still, that's no excuse. The pay gap's wrong because there are extremely poor people, still, in our society. There are also very hard working people who just because their profession isn't "in finance", will never make even a reasonable fraction of the millions these company directors make.
We are often led to believe that nurses, for example, do it because they care, and they don't mind about the money. Bet they wouldn't mind more money, though.

And who needs £2.9 million a year? Really? Noone deserves it, and if anyone does, it's not necessarily managers of big firms.
"Revealing what the average chief executive earns sends an important message to aspirational and able young people"... which is "make lots of money". That's it. Great message.

...I mean, there are more important messages, surely, and more important things to be doing than making money. It's a shame that's become an end in itself, and it's certainly not news that it has. I'm worried that this end is too popular.

On another note, the British government is from next year printing horrible pictures of 'what smoking does to you' on cigarrette packets. Personally, I think more products should have their past or consequences emlazoned all over them.

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