Monday, 6 August 2007

Ban This Sick Filth

Apparently "America's hippest musos are flocking to see Celine Dion". If you haven't already at least suspected it, now realise that Justin Timberlicker and Timbaland are perhaps not as "hip" as you once thought.

Celine Dion?!? Only Michael Bolton makes me want to die with more urgency.
I'm serious, too; music like this to me is like Kryptonite to Superman.


While reading about the non-existent great-white shark near England, I read that a sighting of a "beast" or "big cat" turned out to have been a squirrel. The only possible explanation for that is that there is someone out there in the countryside who doesn't understand perspective.
It's not a big cat, it's just a squirrel that's really close.

Good environmental news came today in the form of National Express, the UK coach company, announcing it was ending testing of biofuels for it's buses. Biofuels, for those who do not know, are killing oragutans and threatening food shortages in some parts of the world. And other bad stuff too. In essence, demand for biofuels is encouraging people to move poor people, and deforest land to grow produce to be turned into biofuels for the Western markets. Even "green" oil can destabilise other countries, it seems.

In the traditionally oil-destablised country of Iraq, which has apparently been turned from a "rogue" state into a "failing" state by our wonderful interventions, we hear that the US has lost 190,000 guns.
That's a lot, and it makes the scale of the war there mind boggling. How many guns did they take in the first place, if they've managed to lose so many?
It's also worrying that the US has decided to arm the region against Iran, by selling $20 billion of weapons to Saudi Arabia, $13 billion to Egypt and increasing defence aid to Israel by 25%.
I'm sure non of that high-tech killing gadgetry will encourage anyone to to start killing other people.
We still live in a dangerous world.

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