Monday, 20 August 2007

info stress

***warning***bad mood ahead***

In the old days, there were a couple of magazines I read every month, and from that I was very much "in touch" with music releases. I knew everything.

None of those magazines survived the internet, so I found some suitable sites to read instead. Now, none of these sites were as comprehensive as the magazines, but they were OK, and I thought "perhaps they'll grow".
This was almost 4 years ago, and there are still no good magazines. While there are now bigger internet review sites.... they're all rubbish. Pitchforkmedia,: that includes you, you big shower of shit.

I'm not sure why this happened today, but all of a sudden I miss knowing what's going on. And it's the internet's fault. I feel like the media is being taken over by people who understand technology more than they understand content.
There is also a problem of scale. Possible cool sites clearly don't have the money to be comprehensive, and big sites are like the big magazines: They're for people who think Dire Straits were revolutionary, and are happy to listen to Keane today. They s-u-c-k.

Fake blog sites, created to "secretly" promote a site or product, they suck too: they clog up the net, using clever methods to stay high in google searches, meaning that if perhaps there was a music site I would be happy with, it will be completely buried in a world of corporate bullshit.

Now, Google clearly understands how it's own fucking search engine works, so they should design it so it can't be tricked. However, I suspect that they make advertising revenue for being such a bunch of dicks, and it's designed like this on purpose. Evil, evil people.

Don't even get me started on internet advertising.

So, to conclude: Thanks to the internet, which I do quite like, old media which was better has disappeared, to be replaced by something worse. Whoopy-doo.

Progress!!?? Where did you go??

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