Thursday, 9 August 2007

late reviews, because....

...because I buy my cds; don't get them sent to me for free or anything, damnit.

AAaanyway, you can safely get Chromeo's "Fancy Footwork"; it's great... the only slight criticism I have is that they've moved away from electro, and towards eighties cheese. But in a good way. It can only make you happy, and will make you a better person.

Is it ok to review albums I am listening to for the first time? Only 3 tracks in??
Yes it is!! So you should also be bending over backwards to hear "lifestyle marketing" by Thes One (of People Under The Stairs). It's an album of hiphop instrumentals, and so far they are all incomparably lovely. Not something you will hear said about hiphop very often.
But it is. Lovely.

I also got Kitsune Maison 4, is that old or what? I can't be bothered to find out. Anyway, as seems to be the case with these albums, it manages to be very "now" while also being actually good. (of course it may already be completely out of fashion)
It's always a shame to think that "Nathan Barleys" in London might actually be listening to something good, but they might just be. Fuckers.


Anonymous said...

somebody's disappeard... que pasa hombre? Got enough friends already??

discoriggall said...

I have disappeared, but hope to be reappearing soon, wherever possible. who is anonymous?