Sunday, 16 September 2007

2007 International Punch Our Leaders Repeatedly In The Face Day

World peace? We can lick that too

After saving the environmet so successfully, heh heh heh, this summer, celebs, headed rather bizarrely by Ben and Jerry of vomit-inducing-cutesy-ice-cream fame, are back... this time to create World Peace.
I know I shouldn't be cynical... but please.
Prancing around on telly, telling people to stop the fighting? Come on. How many people in Sudan will be watching?
The Ben half said: 'Everybody wishes there was something they could do besides attend a concert, but that's the best we've got right now. The reality of the society is that the culture is celebrity driven. If there are celebrities involved then the media gets involved and when something's big in the media, politicians have to respond somehow. As citizens, we're doing the best we can. We wish we could do more.'

Politicians DON'T have to respond somehow, just make the right noises and wait for attention to go elsewhere.

Case study. We are burning the planet, spiraling ever faster into our doom... And the big "awareness celebrity concert" has been totally overshadowed by the probable murder of a cute little girl.
Trust the media to help your cause, and you are screwed.

Awareness alone is a bunch of shit, anyway; there has to be an action-oriented point to your awareness raising. So how about this?

The UK spends approx 33.5 billion pounds a year on "defense", and the US 439.3 billion dollars. How about we urge people, using celebrities, to hold our leaders down and punch them repeatedly in the face until they stop spending all this money on War. Cause that's what "defense" is - WAR - and between the US and UK, we could pacify pretty much everyone using that money for good.

So, the 2007 International Punch Our Leaders Repeatedly In The Face Day.

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